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Victoria Police Tesla Model X

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Victoria (Australia) Police have today revealed their Tesla Model X. What's very interesting about this is that they have custom options programmed into the MCU like control of their lights, sirens, radar, message bar (see video in link below). The officer also says that they have the ability to use the MCU to access their police data, view body-cam footage and more.

This is the first instance that I've seen custom controls implemented onto the MCU, they must have had some serious help from Tesla. It's listed as "Proof of Concept Prototype Only", it's not just a video feed into the rear cam like we've seen before, but full touch integration as well.

Victoria Police on Twitter

Must include Auto-Patrol and Fully Self Pursuiting :D

I heard on the radio that it's the model that does 0-100 in 4.9 Seconds. I'm surprised they didn't go all out on the P100DL.

Hopefully it is Tesla that has worked with VICPOL on the integrations and if so, that we may be further down the line in terms of getting the whole FSD shebang through regulations. (I know I'm dreaming...)
They bought a Black 100D Five Seater. I'd say since it's a government agency they didn't pay any LCT or Stamp Duty or other such taxes.
Cheapest one for proof of concept. I think they'll get a P soon enough :D
Also, the intergration looks like a web browser; I'd say that's how they're connecting to their stuff; likely a local address, but still through the browser (clearly enabled just for the police).