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VIDEO - Ten foot long 4 by 4's fit in the Model 3 !


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Mar 24, 2016
My brother's truck is down with transmission problems, and I had to bring home 3 8 foot long 4 by 4's from Home Depot, and 2 10 footers. All I had was my Model 3, so I made them fit!:eek:

This is a good promotional video for Tesla. If anyone knows anyone, this video needs to be featured on Electrek, Teslarati, Facebook, and anywhere else. This is a video that I need to bring mass amounts of new subscribers and views to my YT channel. And if it makes the Model 3 look good at the same time, then what the heck, go for it! :D

cool video. smart to use clothes to protect glass and back from wood splinters.

Not clothes, old sheets that had been used as painting drop cloths, so nothing would snag on the seats or anything else. I've carried 10 foot long 2x4's in the car a couple times prior to this, and once with a pair of 12 foot long 2x4's, although those had to stick out the passenger door open window.
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Cool, haven't carried any lumber yet in my Model 3, though I've done it lots in my old Chevy Volt and BMW 330xi. I use several boat throw PFDs and furniture pads to protect the interior.
I wasn't sure what I could bring home in my Model 3 from Home Depot. Had a project that needed a number of Schedule 40 PVC 10 foot lengths and tied them together at each end as a bundle and sure enough they fit. Was pretty pleased. I did bring home some 8 ft 2x4s for another project and as mentioned the thing to remember about those is to wrap them in cloth if you can to keep any wood splinters from scratching anything up. I have a cargo mat and there definitely were some small wood slivers from the rough edges of the wood on the mat when I took the lumber out.

Harbor Freight btw typically will have moving blankets on sale every so often and they're nice to have for stuff like this. Range in price from $4-9 not on sale.