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View from rear camera partially obstructed - Is this normal?


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Oct 22, 2014
Ithaca, NY
Shortly after receiving my P85D last December I noticed that the license plate was partially visible at the bottom corner of the screen the backup camera displayed. I didn't remember the bottom of the view being obstructed that way before, but when I asked my service advisor about it, and later had them check it out, the response was that everything was normal. I figured I just hadn't noticed it before.

More recently I've noticed the top of the view is also partially obstructed, presumably by part of the rear applique. I first noticed this when the car came back from service, and since it had to go back anyway because GPS wasn't working, my service advisor said they would take care of it. The car just came back, and the issue still exists.

Below are a couple of photos of my display with the backup view active. How much of the obstructions at the top and bottom corners are normal? Do other P85D owners have similar obstructions, at both the top and bottom corners of your screens? Do any of you have completely unobstructed views, or views that are only obstructed at the bottom, but not at the top?


Backup View Obstructed 2.jpg

The view of the backup screen only. The four corners are partially obstructed.

Backup View Obstructed 1.jpg

Full 17" display, with backup view at the top, showing the obstructions in the corners.
looks pretty much just like mine...

As Andy describes it, my 2013 S85 experiences the same. The top of the appliqué or deck frame of the hatch is in the field of view and the corner of my license plate is in view. Sad, but normal.

Looks the same on mine

Thanks very much for the quick answers, everyone. I guess I just hadn't noticed the obstruction at the top before.

could you post a picture of the area around the camera so we can see if there is an external obstruction

There wasn't an external obstruction. As the other responses indicate, apparently this is normal.
I like the view in yours though! Someday we'll be a dual Tesla family.

That's from this morning and the other Tesla is owned by another parent with kids at the same school. We follow the same route at the same time in the mornings so often end up with a Tesla parade going into or out of the school. Was at a stop sign and though I'd get a pic. Here is one from a month or so ago:
My car looks the same, what I do notice though is initially it does not , then jumps to that view. Its as if there is a focus or resolution issue initially. Ill try to get a video of it because its interesting.

I've never experienced that. I never really considered the amount of bodywork showing in the camera as an obstruction of the view either. Rain and dirt on the lens is another matter.