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View on updated Chevy Bolt?

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It sounds like the interior is greatly improved, especially the seats - which really needed an upgrade. But other than that, the Bolt sounds pretty much the same. (Not that they've released all info yet).

GM has been talking about the Bolt EUV as a bigger version for a long time. And it's only $2k more. But while it is 6" longer, 3" of that is for rear seat legroom. It's not taller or wider, and cargo room is the same! The EUV does have some new options though, like Supercruise.
L2 charging can go up to 11 kW. Otherwise, drivetrain is pretty much the same as the existing Bolt EV. Same motor and battery pack. And still has the 55 kW limit on DCFC - which is disappointing. Bolt EUV can also be optioned with a sunroof.

Considering the exterior and interior upgrades, plus the EUV version, it's not a bad 'mid-life kicker' though. I'd bet the EUV version could be popular with the uber/lyft crowd too.
True, that. The Bolt was exactly what I needed when it came out, and I tried one...but I couldn't stand the seats. I can't remember ever sitting in a car with seats that bad.

Of course seat comfort varies by person, and I know some people were happy with the old seats.
Seats changed!
LED headlights (instead of LED DRL and HID)
Added some forward safety as standard.
DCFC speed unchanged.
AC charging maybe from 30A to 32A?
Lowered MSRP to $31,995/$35,195 from $37,495/$41,895. But Bolt had a large ($8,500) manufacturer rebate so could end up a wash, except for tax advantages.

The Charging link from the EUV went to their current page that just says up to 100 miles of range in 30 minutes, so looks like no DCFC increase.

Seats killed the 2020 Bolt for us, so it could be a very welcome change.
Interesting how that impacts the rear legroom in the Bolt, which was very good in the 2020.
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Maybe they're going to get into installation. Or maybe it'll just be the same certification tax system that Tesla had, where they list some installers who'll overcharge you.

"Chevrolet, through its partner Qmerit, will install a NEMA 14-50 outlet on a dedicated 50-amp circuit and supply all of the materials including the new 50-amp circuit breaker"

If customer has some unusual property or home needs some electrical upgrade then GM does not pay for that.

Chevrolet Will Pay The Level 2 Installation Cost For Bolt EV And EUV Customers