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VIN 6546 paperwork issues [RESOLVED]

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So I cannot believe i never noticed on my pro forma statement from Tesla rep in NV that the 6546 VIN is actually a 2017 model which is causing me now loan issues since it is a model year older and plus will effect resale value, I am very considering i was sure I read other VINS on here that were older and 2018, can someone chime in please? Is there a way to get a 2018?

Update: Silly rep made my sheet wrong, thank GOD!!! How can I delete this thread
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I had a similar issue. Pro Forma said 2017, and I asked them: are you sure? They said yes, it was assigned in December even though it was made in January and had a 2018 VIN. Didn't make sense to me at all. Lo and behold, the final agreement comes a week later and it says 2018... :rolleyes: