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VIN# Changed?

So I got my VIN assigned as 115xx just at the end of last week, but when I checked my account now the VIN # changed to 102xx. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm only worried if I got too early of a model and there was some production issue that might have been resolved by the 11kth car :p (i realize this is irrational but it makes me slightly concerned regardless)
I wouldn't worry about this. Production wise, they are only a week or so apart. Yes, it can happen from time to time for a few reasons. I would worry more about making sure that when your car is delivered that the paperwork and registration actually matches the vin on the car. Check it at delivery. It's rare for that mistake, yet has happened.

edit add. Oh another thing, the change in vin MIGHT actually be in your favor rather than work against you. Consider that the change could be that a problem was discovered later in line on your original vin that requires a change. Just one of many reasons that a vin can change.
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This is super interesting. I'm located in the Bay Area. My VIN was 102xx and scheduled for Delivery on Saturday 4/7. Last Wednesday, 4/4 got a call that my delivery was cancelled and would need to be rescheduled. My VIN then changed to 115xx.

This seems like quite the coincidence. My config is Midnight Silver Metallic, Aero wheels, EAP.

I wonder if they switched our cars... Has your delivery been rescheduled yet? I was told there was a defect in my 102xx which is why I was being assigned a new car...
VIN changed? no. Disappeared? Yes. I was the proud owner of a Model 3 VIN for about 3 days, before it disappeared last week and was replaced with my reservation number.

I still have a 4/27 delivery appointment booked, yet I have no idea whether this will actually happen now.
Ya we have a big thread of people that have had their VIN taken away