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Vinyl wrap vs PPF brand suggestions

Thinking about vinyl wrap to change color and was told protection would be very minimal. What kind of protection would it be? Was thinking about PPF but price tag of $6000 for base model 3 seem too high. Vinyl is around $2500. Any suggestion for brand? I'm in Pasadena, CA.
I’ve been looking at all of this too for YP.

PPF is thicker, more durable, self healing, with longer life span: 10 year warranties. STEK is the best PPF as of right now.

The wrap doesn’t last as long, possibly only 3-5 years.

It’s most cost efficient to just do PPF to front of car. I have a gray car and installers are encouraging me to do matte ppf to entire car to change the look for 5-6k. It looks cool I guess, but that’s a lot of $$.

Although both of these protect the paint, ppf more so, it’s not bullet proof and if it is damaged the spots can become dirt deposits. To address damage, you can have a section redone for more $$.

It’s also costs to have the ppf/wrap removed.

So weigh this against costs to have any paint chips professionally repaired down the road.

Although ppf protection is compelling, I’m leaning towards doing nothing and dealing with it later as needed. When the car has 80k miles or so, I might not even care then.
Thank you for your reply. I agree with the protection part. The PPF is not really worth it. For me it's cuz I want to change color. I may consider vinyl and take the less protection for the less cost. But I don't know what is a good brand. I heard 3M would be $3750 for model 3.
As Sambub mentioned, STEK offers a great product. I was listening to a podcast about the film and was impressed on what I was hearing.
From what I understand it's PPF with added color. The DYNO Red has my interest.

This stuff is pricy, no doubt. For these prices, I could purchase another Motorcycle. I only have three.

I did have full PPF installed on our 2018 Model X. I will say that it has been much easier to wash and keep clean. and still looks great. We have had a few pieces re done. The hood was showing a little blemish and was replaced. We had a small very little ding on the right falcon wing door. Looked like a cart hit it. It did make a little a small tear in the PPF, about a match head size. That was replaced as well. There was a small ding so our installer had a dent specialists fix the area and it was wrapped again. All this was done under the PPF warranty, we only paid for the little ding to be removed. I would do it again if I were to purchase another car for the wife. Not so sure on my car.

I do have a Model Y that I bought second hand. The original owner did have it wrapped in a stealth white. It really looks nice. The installer did not wrap around the panels and it's starting to show dirt where the wrap comes to the edge of some of the areas. I will say, the more important question is who will be doing the install and will they honor the work if you have any problems in the future?

As Aldony had mention, he may be doing his own work. I would originally think that there is a lot of paint prep to do first but from listening to the noted podcast, PPF / wrap doesn't require the paint to be perfect.
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