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Voice Commands and Audio Sources

Hi - newbie Tesla owner, and enjoying my 2021 M3SR+ for the past 6 days. When they told me at the showroom that pretty much everything can be controlled with voice commands, I started experimenting. One thing that I was sure would make sense from a safety (keeping eyes on the road) standpoint was the ability to say "Change audio to phone" or "Switch to Radio" etc. - didn't work. If listening to the FM radio, I tried "change station to 92.5" or "tune to 92.5 FM" etc., with no luck.

I've searched this forum and others, and it seems that these basic functions can't be controlled via voice - is that correct, or have I missed some specific command syntax? Is there someplace we can give this feature request directly to Tesla?
This hasn’t been updated in awhile:

I’m not sure for radio but for music, stuff like this works:

> Play Crazy Train by Ozzy on Spotify
Does what it says

> Play Crazy Train
Will probably play the song just not sure which software

I still haven’t tried playing music off of USB drive by voice, not sure if that works or not?

Maybe try
> Play 92.5 FM
Thread revival. Picking up my car next week. I will have a SSD with tunes, also partitioned for the camera stuff with plenty of room, and also have both Tidal and Spotify accounts. Will be interested to see how this all works. Would love it if voice command can work well while driving, especially if I front load some effort by well identifying music files, etc. Can I play my Spotify Playlists via the app?