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Voltacharging station at Trader Joe's Sammamish


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Dec 25, 2011
My mountain
Brand spanking new. Doesn't show up on their site or app yet. Very excited for this totally free station

Volta's will always be free -- I'm not going to complain about the charge level. :) I hope we see more and more going forward.

Wouldn't it be great if there was always a place to plug in, wherever we were shopping? This is the kind of thing that will accelerate EV adoption. People see free charging & start to think an EV will work for them.

(Disclosure: I have a good friend at Volta. :) )
Used a Volta like this in at the Vancouver (wa) mall yesterday. It is a J1772. It is only 4kw. it was great for my 2013 Leaf, but 4kw charge will not do much for a Tesla. I would suggest that Tesla's just leave these for the "little" EVs.
Color me disappointed - in that the photo suggests it's sited at a prime parking spot rather than in a further away, less desirable one. My experience at such sites is they are more readily abused as parking slots rather than as charging slots.