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Volume failing on bluetooth and media....


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Feb 28, 2015
Merced, CA
Just had the MCU replaced and keep having some odd volume issues.

First, bluetooth audio on phone calls keeps failing. They can hear me but I can't hear them. Turning the volume up all the way makes no difference. The only thing that fixes it is to reboot the MCU. Fixes it for a few minutes and then it failes again. Happens on all paired phones.

Less frequently volume control of media playback fails. The volume will be stuck at some level and turning the volume all the way up or down doesn't work. Happens on slacker and usb playback. Turning volume up or down from either steering wheel or from screen makes no difference. Volume OSD is displayed as I change the volume showing me the level I change it to but the volume doesn't change. Rebooting the MCU fixes it for a while.

Anyone else ever seen this?
Yes! Having the same issue exactly how you described it. I thought it was my phone but I just got a new phone and the issue is still there. Also having the same issue with the volume getting stuck. It happens to me on all audio playback including live radio. Anyone have a fix for this?
Just started having this exact same problem. Going to assume the system is crashing when pairing Bluetooth. Going to dry deleting phones from tesla and pairing again. Wonder if it was an Apple Bluetooth update or a Tesla update that is causing this.
having the identical problem! cannot seem to increase or decrease the volume. any solutions?

I had a similar issue. Called Tesla..was informed engineers are aware of this issue. Was advised to reset by holding both buttons. It worked.
Now interestingly I had been on Firmware 2018.12. The following morning 2018.18 was pushed through. I have since updated and have yet to replicate the situation that caused in the first place.