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Volunteer needed for possible development of Front and Rear Lighted T for Model X

I'm not sure yet if the Front and Rear Ts on the Model X will be the same as for the Model S. If that's the case, our Front and Rear Lighted Ts will fit the Model X perfectly. But we'll need a volunteer to do the first installation and provide installation information and photos. For this the volunteer will receive free Front and Rear Ts for his or her Model X.

If our Model S Front and Rear Lighted Ts do not fit the Model X, we'll have to develop special Model X versions. To do that we'll need a volunteer owner of a new Model X for whom we will develop the new versions, which we will provide free of charge to the volunteer. The volunteer will have to remove the front and rear Ts from his or her Model X and ship them to us. As they will be affixed with double sided tape, this will be easy to do -- they can removed using dental floss.

In either case, if you are interested and one of the lucky owners who will be among the first to receive delivery of a Model X, please PM me.