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Volvo Pro Pilot 2 vs Tesla Autopilot

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My wife's Mercedes is about to get turned in. Volvo XC60 is one of the car that really catch my eyes. It has a powerful drivetrain, beautiful interior and the size is just right for what she uses it for. My question is how well is the Pro Pilot 2 compare to the AP2? I know there is PP1 vs PP2, similar to how Tesla AP1/2. What is the strength and weaknesses of each one? I feel like the Volvo side is way undercovered. The Volvo is still a long shot as the dealer wants way too much money, but it can't hurt to ask. Also at this price point, I am above Model 3 territory. Yikes
My wife has a 2018 XC 60 with the new version of Pilot Assist. I have only driven it once, about 200km of highway driving both divided and undivided highway. I found it to be quite good at lane-holding, with few disengagements. The cruise was fine at holding distance to the vehicle in front. It needed constant attention though, there is a very very short window where it wants to know that you're holding the wheel - like less than 30 seconds if I recall correctly. It also found it was not always easy to know when it was disengaged or about to disengage. I wasn't worried about the safety though, it performed quite well.

Although I don't have Autopilot on my car, I recently had a 2018 100D with AP2 and tried it out briefly on a drive of about 60 km. Same divided and undivided highway. The Autopilot did just as good a job of staying in lanes and holding the center of the lane as the Volvo system, but Autopilot had fewer nags about wheel-holding and the IC display makes it easy to know what the car is seeing and whether it's currently in control or not. Overall I would say that the Autopilot implementation gave me more confidence that the car was managing the road, but once I was used to the Pilot Assist I was quite impressed.

Very limited experience with both for me, but I hope it is helpful. I'm quite impressed with the XC60 overall, too bad it's not electric yet. A BEV version of that car (with a charging infrastructure) would be pretty much ideal for me.
The xc60 is extremely expensive right now, the only way for me to get one is do European delivery to get some discounts. But I think they are moving the production to China for 2019 mode year. I am really trying to get lucky and find a s90 hybrid for cheap. It will be used as a backup to my tesla.
Not sure if you have a Tesla, but I'd be surprised if it's anywhere near as good as Tesla's autopilot.
I can drive for an hour without needing to disengage. It's amazing.

A good friend of mine who has a MS85D w/AP1 just got one for his wife. He has used AP since the beginning (his car was one of the first to have it). He says roughly what was expressed upthread -- it is basically equivalent to AP1, except the much more frequent nags are horribly annoying.
I have a 2018 XC90. PilotAssist 2 is better than plain adaptive cruise, but it's no Autopilot. If there's more than a very slight turn in the road, it will disengage. It also nags more than Autopilot by a wide margin.

That's not to knock it--it's very helpful on long interstate trips. But Autopilot it is not.
I had a chance to drive the car again. It's a nice car for sure, but now everything feels so odd compare to the Tesla. The Volvo T8 line ups are gas cars with the electric motors helping out, they are not anywhere close to EV cars with gas backup. The transition is very abrupt, not smooth at all. The engine tends to kick in as soon as you demand any power, so not exactly a quiet ride like the Tesla.

As far as whatever self driving mode they are called, it was fine in the short time I used it. Still, I can't seem to get over the fact that I can get updates over the air rather than going to an update and possibly pay hundred of dollars for each one.
That’s why we are leasing the Volvo until Tesla (or Volvo, or whoever) comes out with the vehicle we really want. Essentially an electric XC60. It doesnt’t exist yet (please don’t say i-Pace), but when it does we will leave the ICE world behind for good.

I won't say it, but just curious as to what turns you off in the "recently unveiled Jaguar EV" when comparing it to a hypothetical electric XC60 ?
I won't say it, but just curious as to what turns you off in the "recently unveiled Jaguar EV" when comparing it to a hypothetical electric XC60 ?
Lol. I don’t hate it, it just doesn’t seem like a direct competitor to the XC60-style vehicle. What I’ve seen of it makes it seem more like a hatchback car than a higher SUV; for some reason it reminds me of a Subaru Crosstrek. My wife is short and likes sitting up higher. I generally like Jag styling, but I’m not a fan of the i-Pace. Hope they sell a ton of them though. Personally I wouldn’t get one as they don’t have the charging infrastructure, hence my holdout for the Y. Volvo would have to solve the charging situation too in order to earn my hypothetical future business, as would any other manufacturer.