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Vossen 22" Wheels - Can someone help guide me?

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I'd like to get these wheels. Can someone help out with the following questions though?

1. Are these legit Vossen wheels? I can't find that model wheel on Vossen's site anywhere.

2. How do I know if these are forged other than taking the seller's word for it?

3. If these are legit Vossen wheels and are forged, is this a decent price...or should I hold out and/or make an offer for a lower price? Keep in mind, they did not sell the first time they listed them.

I wouldn't recommend the 22s ether. I bought them last year for my car and have cracked 3 rims so far. I had them on for about one month in the begging of summer and have have enough of flat tires, and replacing $500.00 rims. I wouldn't listen to everyone on here that says not to buy them. Moral of the story, Don't be like me.
The model is supposed to be VFS1 those look real ..however u can get new for ~800/pc... I wouldn't buy wheels that size with Out seeing them balanced ...I bought a spare 21 off eBay and it was so off balance could not use .. As Butcher says they rub I ran 255 on front and 295 on back of my old P85+ ...the wheels are heavier and u do lose range ...also given ur in Midwest I can't believe roads there are better than here ..and the wheels are easily damaged ... Driving in CA I curb rashes the rims few times and broke a couple of beads in tires ...I prefer my stock 21s or 20s look good on the car as well ...I also had air suspension so I could lower the car for better look ..without looking like a Donk :) the only positive is the 295s filled out rear end real well