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Vredestein Quatrac Pro 245/35R21 - first all season tire for 21 in rims

Has anyone tried this tire on Model S with 21 inch rims?
Just saw it on Tirerack with glowing review (although no winter review yet).

I have been using Continental Contisportcontact 5 for sommer and Pirelli Sottozero 3 for winter about 3 sets each on my P85
I was about to buy a new set of the Pirelli's but realize they are now quite pricey. I don't like them anyway because they are somewhat noisy and unirotational (so can't switch side on car) and bad threadwear, but only choice for winter on 21 inch rims. I did briefly try 19 inch for winter, but my vanity couldn't get over the degraded look versus 21 inch

For summer I really love the Conti's except for threadwear, but that's the price you pay for the performance.

I was thinking to give the Vredestein a try at 40% the price of Pirelli for the winter, since the Conti's are deadly if any hint of snow (I live in NJ so it WILL happen). Judging from Tirerack review the summer performance may actually be close enough to the Conti's, so I could get rid of the tire swapping hassle and definitely get better treadwear.

So has anyone had a chance to use the Vredestein Quatrac Pro and able to comment on experience? I guess too early to know snow/ice performance although the tire carries three-peak mountain snowflake symbol
I've had these tires for a few weeks now though I haven't been driving a ton. I had the MPSS with acoustic foam on prior to getting these tires. Overall, the sidewall is softer which means that the ride isn't as harsh over bumps and road imperfections which is nice. But this also means that steering is not quite as sharp, especially the initial turn-in.

From a noise perspective, I have noticed that they produce a slightly higher pitched drone/hum sound over certain kinds of pavement. It isn't obnoxiously loud but the drone definitely wasn't there with the MPSS. But even with the drone, I'd still say the overall noise is similar or slightly less than the MPSS.

Grip seems to be sufficient thus far, though I haven't tried full on launch mode yet. But with spirited every day driving, I haven't noticed any issues so far. The weather has been 30-60 degrees with occasional rain where I am over the past few weeks. I can't comment on snow grip because we haven't had any yet.

I was a bit worried about how a square 245 setup would look on staggered rims, but to me they look fine. I know some people are much pickier in this regard and wouldn't be able to live with the look of it, but I personally don't care as long as it drives well (which it does).
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Nov 30, 2019
Hi guys, completely random joining since I own a Volvo however I was looking to share my experience with the quatrac pros. I could not find many reviews for the particular tyres however the previous gen quatrac 5's and the wintracs are aplenty.

Anyway I picked up a set of 255/50/19s for a absolute steal(blackcircles pricing error, £53 each rather than the £168 they were at the previous week).

Anyway i was running Michelin latitude sport 3s which were great grip wise but wore quite pretty quick for the XC90 weight wise I'm guessing as tracking was checked every 6 months.

So far I've done approx 3k and they show very little if any wear, they have a softer feel than the Michelin's but are stable just seem to soak up road imperfections better, however grip in the wet and dry is on par, not lost traction yet in any condtition even handles wet grass and mud well. Being an all weather rather than a all season means they should be fairly apt in the snow too they are 3 peaks and m+s rated(mud and sand).

They do hum a little more than the Michelin's though on certain surfaces, motorway cruising they are quiet enough until you hit concrete sections.

Bear in mind they are designed as a performance SUV tyre so would probably suite the needs of that marque best.

From me they get the thumbs up and if they beat the Michelins in terms of longevity, grip down to the last 3mm and stay quiet Il buy again.

Hope it helps somewhat. We took the Michelin crossclimates off the list when I was hunting for new rubber due to being a summer biassed tyre and after a year or so of cold -hot back to cold weather driving apparently glazing over and lack of grip in the winter weather have been reported a fair few times on various forums. No idea how true that is or if it happens with the new cc+ though.

Hope my wee little review somewhat helps.


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May 21, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
I need to do a bit more driving, but here are the Vredestein Quatrac Pros mounted on 21” Turbines.

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May 21, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
I drove pretty conservatively on my initial drive home from the tire shop - about 10 miles with a combination of highway and surface streets. My installer told me to take it easy because one wheel was stripped, repaired, and freshly powder coated to fix some curb gash.

Initial impressions are that these are quiet and comfortable. They remind me of the 19” Cyclones with Michelin Primacy tires - a comfortable ride with good traction and decent tread life. I previously had the Continental Extreme Contact tires. Those were very sticky and while I wouldn’t say uncomfortable, but I felt more of the road - which is how a sport performance tire should feel. I liked the Conti’s, but I did not like the treadlife. My driving is also mellowing out as I get older.

Will do some more spirited driving with the Vredestein’s this weekend and see if they’re a decent balance between comfort and performance - and price (only $182.40/tire at Tire Rack as I write this).
I've got about 8k miles on mine and can share a few points.
  • Concerned about mileage - Going to an AS, I was hoping to get a longer life tire. Both myself and the installer were shocked how far the rear tires were worn at my first rotation.
  • Much softer than the Hankook Ventus V12 EVO2 - Almost to the point I feel like I've lost a bit of communication between the road and the wheel. Driving down the highway, this a far superior tire as it is genuinely a smooth as ice. In trade off I lost a bit of back road stability.
  • It's SLIGHTLY wider than spec, so anticipate for rub when you're in reverse with steering angle
  • Fantastic wet weather tire - eager to see how well it plays this winter.
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How's the NVH? Are they quiet and comfortable?

The Vredestein is dead silent... very minimal road noise.

I got 10k on mine. All wearing even. 7mm left of the tread with 10k miles on them (lots of full-throttle starts). Very hard to get these to squeal on my car. Only once in 10k miles. Wet and dry performance is outstanding; have not gotten to test in snow yet.

Trying to find someone else with experience, but what tire were you running prior? Eager to see if someone agrees with my road-feel opinion.
I was a bit worried about how a square 245 setup would look on staggered rims, but to me they look fine. I know some people are much pickier in this regard and wouldn't be able to live with the look of it, but I personally don't care as long as it drives well (which it does).

Wordless888, Can you post a picture of your 245 on the back wider wheel? Thanks!
Thanks! I'm placing my order now. Originally I have delicated 19" winter (X-ICE) and since I have my referral wheels, I'm thinking of just using my original turbine as fall/winter/spring tires. And summer for summer. sometimes I'm too busy/lazy to change out Winter wheel for summer like this pass season. Now my winter tires are done - to the cord!
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