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Wailing wall for Australian Model 3 team VINLess!

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With the main thread being so large, I thought that it would be nice to start a thread specifically for those of us with reservations and early orders who are still waiting for VINs, let alone vehicles.

While Tesla are tentatively saying "October", it is clear that this is far from guaranteed so a support group/safe place to moan about it and share whatever information that you have would be useful.

Please introduce yourself with information about your order. For me:

Delivery: Richmond, Victoria
Reservation: 8/4/2016
Order: 4/6/2019
Vehicle: Blue P3D+, black interior

Hopefully, some of us will begin to get VINs soon, and we can try and figure out the pattern and give hope to those who are left behind.
Delivery: Fortitude Valley, QLD
Reservation: 1/4/2016 (5mins after online opened, not in person earlier in the day)
Order: 29/8/2019 (in store after a test drive)
Vehicle: Midnight Silver Metallic SR+, no FSD (possibly later to avoid LCT)

Worth noting, I had a VIN assigned approx 10-12th~ September 2019 with a scheduled delivery of 24/9/2019, but finance delays meant my VIN was reassigned + delivery postponed on 21/9/2019. Now waiting for an alternate VIN assignment.

Latest by email today advised they are still waiting to find stock of the specification we have ordered. I get the impression they had a supply surge in September to try max out the Q3 delivery results, and have since exhausted most of that and are now trickling out deliveries of the remaining stock cleared in the country. I bet there's now a mismatch between "what stock is left ready to deliver" vs "what people have on order". I also bet the delivery teams were given guidance to delivery any stock possible before EoQ, and don't reschedule deliveries if you have another buyer better positioned to keep the stock moving out the door.

Hopefully this will resolve itself within weeks(?), now that Tesla likely have a better indication of what models have a shortage, and aim to get some stock on the way to our country to clear the backlog.
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May 19 reservation initially ordered SR+ but was a bit concerned with range so upped it to LR early August. Maybe if I had left as SR I may have it now. Oh well.... white paint btw. Oh and time spent ordering various accessories including wheels. No point holding my breath
Red/Black P3D+ with FSD
Reservation: April 4th, 2016
Order: June 1st, 2019
Delivery: Richmond

Went to Richmond a couple of weeks ago. Was told likely October. They didn't have my spec but had enough stock till Oct 4th delivery. Told them I will not be available to pick up in Nov. So it seems to me, due to the circumstances, mine would be around late Nov or Dec or even longer because I don't think the car is going wait for me to come back.

But would be great for them to be more proactive in term of communications though.
Delivery: Fortitude Valley, QLD
Reservation: 1/4/2016 immediately after online opened
Order: 29/8/2019
Vehicle: LR AWD, multicoat red, black interior, no FSD

Although I had an early reservation, the order wasn't, and it did say October delivery when I ordered. So they're not late yet for me.
Who are you emailing mate? Delivery people are not replying to my email. :(

brisbanedelivery @ tesla.com

I've had a good 3-5~ days between responses the past 2 weeks or so, I'm sure they are swamped with enquiries from all of us VINless + people with post delivery issues etc. It's a group mailbox, have had a couple of Delivery Team members respond. Give them a bit of time, they generally do respond eventually, and remain calm and polite :)
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I was told "mid-October" back in mid September, but I have a feeling that's a load of BS.

I was actually told late October/possibly early November originally when we ordered approx 29th August in store. The fact we then got a call out of the blue for a 24th Sep delivery with a VIN assignment was a surprise. See above for why that was postponed exactly, no need to repeat :)
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Delivery: Richmond, Victoria
Reservation: 16/4/2018
Order: 2/6/2019
Edited Order: 16/7/2019 (the day they released white interior)
Vehicle: Red P3D+, white interior

I caved in and emailed Melbourne Delivery earlier this week and got a very polite, friendly response that basically said they are doing everything they can to get a vehicle to me before the end of October, but made no promises etc.
I still don’t have a hidden VIN, and from what I can tell its usually (best case) at least 2 weeks from hidden VIN appearing to car delivery, so maybe a VIN will appear in the next week. I know the car will be amazing when I get it but its getting embarrassing fending off the “have you got your car yet” question from friends and family every day!!