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Walk away door lock

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Hi All

Quick question: I have a Model X and it has the walk away door lock function and the automatic doors function. My question is if only the walk way door lock function is enabled (automatic doors is switched off) and I leave the car and leave the driver door open, will the driver door close automatically and the car lock? Or do I have to enable automatic doors also for the doors to close and lock? The reason I ask is that I don’t want the driver door to open automatically when I approach the car but I do want the door to close and lock automatically when I leave the car. Is this possible?
Good question the way you laid it out. But why not test if yourself and see what happens?
Ah, thanks. On my car, the result is that the driver door will not close and lock if only the walk away door lock function is on. The driver door will close and lock if both automatic doors and walk away door is enabled.

I thought I’d ask the forum as I was unsure if the walk away door lock function should normally lock as well as also close the door and if so, my failure was then due to a software problem with my car.

So far my learnings are that walk away door lock only locks (and not closes doors) and that of course is only possible if the doors are closed...so either use automatic doors or do it the old fashioned way.

It would be nice to have the choice to use automatic doors as two separate functions, eg automatic doors when entering only, automatic doors when leaving only.

Good question the way you laid it out. But why not test if yourself and see what
My walk-away door closure had so many fails in my first month of ownership that I quickly taught myself to close the door. Haven’t even tried to rely on it in over 3 years.
This is why I don’t want to buy a new X. My 2016 has had no issues in 5 years of ownership. As much as I want the refresh, I hesitate as my X has been ol’ faithful.
:) Don't you think they make more than one that are faithful?
I hope so! Just seems like I hear more stories about newer models with issues than the 2016s. I think there’s a benefit to a low VIN as they actually were paying attention to production back then, truly testing production cars, etc and it hadn’t ramped up to a point where as soon as it got off the line, it went out the door for a truck or train.