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Wall charger blinks red 3 times

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I’m stumped. I googled this and it says 3 red blinks means that it’s overheating but it’s completely cold to the touch, and currently about 30-40 degrees at night and the charger is outdoors.

Additionally, how in the world do I get Tesla to come check this? All service requests show that I have to go to the service center but obviously that won’t help me.
The heat would be either at the conductor block inside the charger - you probably wouldn't feel it on the outside of the charger case with it that cool outside. If the lugs aren't torqued correctly they will heat up. Also did you check the handle that plugs into the car for warmth?

They do recommend connecting to Wi-Fi and being sure the firmware is up-to-date.

Not sure what amperage you are charging at, but you could try turning that down either thru the app or actually reset the wall charger to a lower current and see if it still gives you the error. I set mine to 24 amps even though it is OK for 32 amps (I have a 40 amp service). I didn't like the warmth I felt at 32 amps and I charge overnight so it's not an issue and I loose less energy to heat at the lower 24 amps. If the cables are heating up they are using extra energy.
Maybe check with this person, looks similar.

I suddenly got 3 blinking reds on my gen3 wall charger and it’s not even remotely hot. I’ve always charged at 30 amps, but the wall charger keeps showing the 3 red lights.
How do I update wall charger firmware?
I'm guessing if you go thru the "Commissioning Procedure" (pages 28 & 29 of the manual) it would update it if required.