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Wall charger cable length

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Any of you folks get The 8 foot cable and wished you got the 12?

Basically this is the space I have to put charger. Where would you put the wall charger?


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I would put it under the red fire box by the door, if they will let you? If you put it on the other side, with as close as you have to back in, it own't be easy to unhook the charger from the holster and bring it over the back of the car, or wrap it up and put it back. The cable is pretty thick and heavy and the holster will be on the right side of the charger as you look at the pink wall.
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If you note the fire alarm pull and the emergency cutoff button are mounted at 4ft height from the floor. That is not a coincidence. Local code may require that any electrical switch, outlet, equipment, etc. installed inside a garage be mounted at least 4 ft height from the floor of the garage. The reason is to prevent a spark from igniting any gasoline fumes that may be floating around closer to the floor.

In 99% of installations where you would want to install the Tesla Wall Connector you would be better off with the Wall Connector with the longer 18 ft charging cord; in this case you may be better off with the Wall Connector with the shorter 8 ft charging cord.

The other possible mounting locations won't work. The wall next to the passenger side of the vehicle is no good as you won't be able to reach the charging cord to plug in. The grey colored wall next to the door won't work because the charging cord would cross the doorway exit from the garage and be a trip hazard. If this was a private garage exit then this location would work.

The best location, based on what I can see, is to install the Wall Connector to the left of the fire alarm pull, a foot higher (so 5 ft) above the floor so you can't hit the Wall Connector if you back in too far. The conduit run would bring the power down from the ceiling to the Wall Connector.
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All good points. I just wanted your opinions on cable length and location and I feel the 8' charger will suffice. I guess I would never park my car nose in because the parking block would crush the bottom of my car.

When they do the survey I'll ask if I can put it somewhat near the fire alarm box. I'm thinking at least 2' to the left of it? And a foot higher? I'm not sure if theirs rule on devices next to a fire alarm. I feel there is not because of the door release button on the fire stairwell exit.

With the 8' Cable Wall Charger, I won't need to wrap the cable around the wall charger right? If mounted high enough, lets say 5 feet, the cord will hang nicely off the ground when holstered?

@UncleCreepy I can't use the grey wall cemented wall. It will probably cause a trippy hazard. It would look nice though.


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The Wall Connector requires a WiFI signal, internet connection to receive periodic firmware updates from Tesla. Do you have a decent WiFi signal in the garage that you can use with the Wall Connector?

There are non-Tesla brand EVSE that you could install instead of the Wall Connector for charging your Tesla. Popular brands would include Chargepoint, Juicebox, and ClipperCreek. (I am partial to ClipperCreek.) To use any non-Tesla charging station you would use the J1772 charging adapter that came with your Tesla. (Not a big deal, I use the J1772 adapter when I charge at home and when I use the local Level 2 charging equipment where I frequently go to dine (the parking, charging is free for the first two hours.)

If you decide to install the Tesla Wall Connector the dimensions are 13.6" L X 6.1" W X 4.3" D

The front of the Gen 3 Wall Connector is glass, you definitely won't want to install the Wall Connector where the front glass can be easily broken.

You may want to mark out the planned location for the Wall Connector using painters tape, then use a piece of string 8ft in length to ensure that you can reach the charging port without the charging cable pulling on the charging port.

Pages 13, 14 of the Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connector Installation Manual provide information on the recommended location for the Wall Connector.


Most apartment buildings, commercial office buildings in the US use commercial power. Commercial power has three phases; residential power has a single phase. This matters because when you wire up the Wall Connector or other 240V equipment at home you get 240V. However, due to the nature of three-phase power when you wire up the Wall Connector in a commercial installation the voltage will be limited to just 208V. Not an issue but any charging estimates for 240V charging would require at least 13% longer time to charge.
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There is no building wifi in the parking garage. To confirm my research, the Gen 3 Wall Connector in its current state needs adhoc wifi (to phone) just to provision it. For update it will need a WIFI connection to the internet and in this case... I hope I can turn my phone into a hotspot (I get good signal) and update it. I do this for my Car updates currently.

I'll look at non-tesla chargers. My initial feeling is no, because when family or friends fly over and visit me I lend my car. Recently my brother charged up my car at the Disney resort and left/lost my J1772 adapter. I want a one click and done solution :)

As for L2 (free) charging on this island. It's almost impossible.. I'm 1 for 15 when trying to look for a open spot. It's alway full, and I swear I always see the same cars in those spot. Like they are perm-parked there. We have a few 50kW DC Fast charger sites at 49-54 cent per kWh which I use primarly. Just have to time it right with plugshare to see when they are available. At times I see 2+ car queue up waiting for the charger to free up. I personally don't queue up cause I feel it puts pressure on the person end their charge early..... at least that's how I feel.
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