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Wall Connector Issue

Just noticed yesterday all the green led lights remain on and the center one is blue? Checked the trouble shooting guide however this light configuration is no where to be found. Plugged it in and it charges fine, led lights scroll as usual however they do remain constantly on during the scrolling including the blue middle light. Chatted with Tesla support yesterday and went through a few things only to determine they need to escalate this as it seems there is a software issue. They are going to force download new programming to rectify the problem as the claim it is a software issue, blue light indicating it is waiting for a response from the car. Hmmm, how long do you think I should wait before calling them back to ask why nothing has changed? I will wait a week since the charger seems to work fine and I typically charge at the office regardless as I'm cheap and its free there. :D

The unit is a Gen 3, white glass front panel. Has anyone seen this on theirs or am I the first?
I know this sounds dumb, but I’m assuming this persisted after cycling the breaker the connector is on? Sounds super strange.

Yep, did power cycle, no change.

Got a message from Tesla which sounds even stranger but they want me power off and reboot the car unplugged from the charger and then replug so they can push software to the charger. Did that last evening which I thought was a waste of my time and proved me right as nothing changed so I emailed them back. They say sorry but you will need to contact our "wall connector support team" Oh boy, this pass it on to the next department is becoming the norm nowadays! What ever happened to bring it back and get a new one? Will update as things progress since the "wall connector support team" is only open from 8-5 PST.

The good news is nothing is wrong with the charger except the lights are wacky.
So I spoke with Tesla yesterday while I was at the office. The lady I spoke to asked me the serial number of the car and she connected to it and said everything looks fine. After I told her it was not plugged into the charger in question she asked me to call back when I was home and plugged into the defective charger. So, I call back later that evening, am told I need to give him the serial number of the charger to which I replied what about if I give you the serial number of the car to which he said that won't work, yeah, right! I told him I need a magnifying glass to see the itty bitty writing so hang on until I get back. I Give him the serial number and he says everything checks out fine on his end.

Was told to power off the charger and cycle it back on which I already did however this time I decided to wait about five minutes before powering back on. Well son of a gun, fixed!

Trick is the power cycle needs some time between off and on to actually function properly for a reset of the charger. Hope this little bit of info can help someone down the road and not have to go through numerous phone calls like I did. Cheers.
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