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Wall Guard - Tesla Charger - insane add-on price

I had a Tesla Charger installed in my condo parking spot. There's a cement wheel barrier that prevents my car from backing into the way where the charger is affixed. Had an inspection today and it won't pass unless I have the electrician install a wall guard. The inspector said this is now being required for all CA installs. The price for the part alone is over $200, which is crazy for a piece of metal. And then another $200 for labor. Does this sound right? It adds almost 25% to the cost of the install, and is completely unnecessary. There is no reasonable way my car can hit the charger. But my condo has an HOA, so I need a clean inspection.

Thoughts on this?
I'm curious... Could the wall connector have been installed a few feet one one side or the other so it isn't in a location where you can ram it with a car? Behind a column? On a side wall if you're in a corner? Just between two parking spots aligned with the line? Would you have required a shield then?