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Wall-mountable Tire Rack for Winter Tire Swap

just a quick FYI on wheel weights when shopping for a rack:

18" OE with AERO caps: 23#s
19" OE: 25#s
20" OE: 28#s

the 18" Primacy MXM4 235/45R18 Tires weigh 25# each.

4x 18" OE w/ caps + stock tires will weigh: 192#s.​

the 300# folding rack should be fine for most applications.
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Tire Rack has a good one. As 640k says; use a good stud finder and good lag bolts.


Mine is mounted fairly high (my garage has a 10' ceiling) and it's as high up as I could mount it. That means that I haul tires up/down a ladder. It works, but one year I'm going to put up some type of pulley system to make this easier.
I like that idea with the pulley assist to get them up there, here's a suggestion, put a cam cleat on the wall so you can pull them up by yourself and lock the rope in a positon with the cam cleat and have the suspended tire slightly below the level of the tire rack, (leave a little slack) otherwise, it could develop into a Sit-Com with a hospital deductable involved. How about a 1" wooden dowel on the end of the up line and pass it through the center of the wheel and no need for tying? The reason for the slack is all you have to do while up on the ladder is bump the tire into position into the cradle and the line will be slack and easy to remove while you are still up on the ladder. To safely route the line to the cam cleat just screw an eyebolt into the wall stud above the cam cleat to act as a fairlead for the line and it will keep the line where it needs to be. And be sure to tie a stop knot (figure of 8) on the end of the line as a safety measure just in case if it hits the fan so the tire wont.