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WANTED: 2014 Model S 85 or P85 w/ AutoPilot


I tried to reply to your PM, but you have reached your limit or replies (probably since you are a new user) and it says you need to free up some space.

My inventory car only had 800 miles and it's only 2 months old, so the discount was only $1800. But it was almost exactly what I would have ordered, it was already at the store so I could inspect it, and I get it in 3 days instead of almost 2 months, so I decided it made sense for me.

Referral codes (like say, http://ts.la/steven562 :wink: ) also work with inventory cars, so I got a total of $2800 off retail price. Not a lot, but it paid for the Cyclones wheels.

There is an official formula for inventory cars. Based on my car, I'd guess it's close to $500 per month and $1 per mile.