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Wanting SiriusXM on the Model 3/Y


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Oct 2, 2020
SOOOO...it DOES require hardware.

That's what I've been saying all along. I did my research.:rolleyes:o_O
SiriusXM (Originally Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio were competitors, later merged to become SiriusXM).The original concept was satellite based radio, available coast to coast. Listeners wanted to be able to receive the satellite signal at home or in parts of North America where the satellite reception was weak or if you live in the mountains where the direct line of sight satellite signal may be blocked.

SiriusXM started limited terrestrial (ground based) rebroadcasting of their satellite signal in some areas. Now it is common for vehicle to have 4G LTE (soon to be 5G) cellular service. SiriusXM introduced a phone app for iPhone and Android phones so you can listen to SiriusXM programming on your phone wherever there is cell service. Newer vehicles supporting Bluetooth (BT) streaming audio enable you to listen to your music library on your phone via BT so why not SiriusXM? No reason not to do this except you burn up your phone's data plan streaming SiriusXM to your phone, then to your vehicle's infotainment system via BT.

It is increasingly common for new vehicles, entry level and mid level models, to not come equipped with built-in SiriusXM radio. Car manufacturers do this to save money. SiriusXM listeners who prefer the features of a dedicated SiriusXM satellite radio receiver including the ability to rewind, play programs at a later time and other advanced features can add a SiriusXM receiver to their vehicles. This does require a small square or round satellite antenna to be mounted outside the vehicle. Power for the SiriusXM receiver can come from the vehicle's 12V accessory outlet or you can hard wire the receiver's power connection to the vehicles fuse panel.

Today's new vehicles increasingly don't come with an auxiliary (AUX) audio input jack so that leave two options for listening to the SiriusXM programming via the vehicle's audio system: FM radio and Bluetooth streaming audio.

FM broadcasting directly from the SiriusXM receiver to the vehicle's FM radio has been around for a quite a while. Since the radio receiver is mounted up front and the FM antenna is usually inside the rear window of the vehicle the very low power FM signal from the SiriusXM receiver may not be strong enough to be picked up by the vehicle's FM radio if the distance is more than a few feet.

To date very few SiriusXM receivers (only the most expensive models) come equipped with built in Bluetooth but there are a few docking stations available for SiriusXM radio receivers that provide BT streaming capability as well as power. With a docking station you can remove the SiriusXM receiver for security and also so you can listen when at home although with the SiriusXM phone app and the ability to listen to SiriusXM programming via the Amazon Echo device or the Alexa phone app (requires a SiriusXM account) the need to remove the SiriusXM receiver from the vehicle and use it in the home is less.

The Tesla Model S and Model X have a built-in SiriusXM receiver and a satellite antenna. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y do not. To listen to SiriusXM programming in a Model 3 or Model Y today you can install a SiriusXM receiver in the vehicle or stream SiriusXM programming from your phone to the Tesla's infotainment system. The SiriusXM receiver option requires you to install a small satellite antenna outside of the passenger cabin, either on the roof with double sided tape or on the roof rails or hatch or trunk via a magnetic mount. Using your phone to listen to SiriusXM programming requires cell service and uses your phone's data plan.

If, in the future, Tesla decides to support a native SiriusXM app for the Model 3, Model Y you would be able to use the Tesla Premium Connectivity service (currently 4G based) to stream SiriusXM programming to the Tesla vehicle without requiring you to use your phone. This will not require any hardware change to the Tesla vehicle since the SiriusXM app is software and the Tesla already supports streaming for audio services including the Tesla Slacker based music and Spotify Premium.
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Aug 6, 2020


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Oct 2, 2020
Why not just get streaming and use BT streaming to your Tesla? Streaming is like $8/month or less now.
Several reasons; you may not live in an area with good cellular phone coverage. You have to use your phone's data plan when you stream SiriusXM from your phone and then stream the audio from the phone to the Tesla via BT.
Why not just get streaming and use BT streaming to your Tesla? Streaming is like $8/month or less now.

Streaming is free if you already have a SiriusXM subscription for another car.

I'm paying $68/year after taxes & royalty fees for SiriusXM in our other car, which they keep giving to me every year when I call them before my renewal date and 'request to cancel' my subscription than paying the $220 renewal fee. For me, it's worth paying for & using when I drive that car on the weekends and when we take it on road trips. I'm able to access that same subscription account through the mobile app at no extra charge. Thus, I can stream it in my Model Y over BT just fine without any problems. The only thing I need to keep an eye on is how much cellular data I'm using.
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Anyone every try this? It's a bluetooth car dock, should stream to the car just like a phone?

These add-on Sirius radios require an external antenna (a small 2x1x1 inch black cube with magnetic mount). The radios come with such an antenna along with a 25-foot wire with connector. I have used several types of these external antennas over the years (been Sirius subscriber since 2005) and have found that that reception works OK when the antenna is either on the roof (need to find way to get the wire from radio to roof-mounted antenna) OR on the dashboard. Either way, you'll need to keep in mind that there is wiring - power and antenna - required and the aesthetic leaves something to be desired. In the past, I have hidden the Sirius radio in the glove box and perhaps the car dock could be hidden in the center storage of the Tesla. Many of these radios come with a RF remote and that could be a viable way to hide the radio and wiring.

One other aspect of Sirius usage via one of their radios is that there is potential for a lower-quality audio experience than with streaming. Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion about the heavy compression that Sirius applies to the satellite-based audio streams. After all, they have to cram a couple of hundred streams into a finite amount of satellite bandwidth. I can say with certainty now that I have experienced Tesla audio streaming after many years of Sirius satellite audio that Tesla sounds MUCH better. I have been using Sirius streaming via iPhone in the Tesla and also via headphones and am strongly believing that the streaming alternative is superior. Just food for thought.
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Sep 20, 2021
Anyone every try this? It's a bluetooth car dock, should stream to the car just like a phone?

I have tried both the Siriusxm Tour radio with Bluetooth built in and the SiriusXM OnyxEZR radio with the Bluetooth dock mentioned here. Both work, but the Tour takes a while (maybe 60-90 seconds) from power on to listening. The Onyx setup is much quicker to connect, maybe 10-20 seconds- as soon as the Tesla Bluetooth receiver on and connects the music is playing. The Tour has a nicer interface but I usually just listen to one station. Oh and when using the Tour the song name and cover art is displayed on the Tesla screen. At the end the boot up time was more important to me so I kept the Onyx.

I also tried listening through the fm radio but had mixed results (lots of interference with other radio stations here in Soca). The big downside with Bluetooth is that you can’t connect your phone at the same time as the radio.

And yes, I could stream Siriusxm using my phone connected to Bluetooth but that isn’t automatic (even tried the Echo auto). And we go to the mountains a lot so streaming isn’t a great option.

Hope that helps folks looking to get SiriusXM.
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Jan 29, 2020
Syracuse NY
Why not just get streaming and use BT streaming to your Tesla? Streaming is like $8/month or less now.

For me, I would prefer to have an integrated solution and not have to mess around with my phone to change channels, etc.

You would think as the Tesla fleet gets bigger, that companies like SiriusXM would want to provide an app for the Tesla App store. Still wouldn't solve the issue with no wireless signal, but would be great most of the time.
While I would prefer our MY have a built in Sirius app for streaming I was happy to see streaming over BT with our Iphone 11 Pros shows all album art and pause/skip controls on the screen. A little inconvenient to have to grab the phone to start the process but saves approx $7 per month. We have an account on my Sierra AT4 which includes streaming.

The MY is my wife's daily driver and she was bummed about the lack of Sirius. Well I set up the streaming app on her phone and she hasn't used it yet. She is really digging the MY's built in media apps, especially the Karaoke.
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