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WARNING!!! Screws holding jack pad to frame are ALL loose - jack pad may fall off car

This evening I was feeling obsessive and compulsive and bored - I jacked up my car for the first time to remove each wheel so that I could perform a thorough cleaning to the inner wheel barrel (wipe off all dirt, grime & brake dust).

My intention was to use my jack pad adapters (which I purchased from Murphy's Law). I noticed a problem on my left front wheel when my adapter wouldn't fit into the recessed holes on the jack pad. Upon closer inspection 1 of the 2 screws securing the jack pad to the frame of the car was halfway backed out preventing the jack pad adapter from sitting flush on the jack pad. I tightened that screw and checked the remaining 7 screws and THEY WERE ALL LOOSE except for 1 which was completely gone - fell out at some point. CRAP!

I ended up removing the screws, added some thread lock and reinstalled them - I will need to get the missing screw either from Tesla or a hardware store.

Like I said, these 2 screws are the only things attaching each of the jack pads to the frame of the car. Once the screws back-out, the jack pad will simply fall off your car and you will have no way to jack up your car. Here are a few pictures showing where the jack pads are located and a closer detail showing the 2 screws securing the jack pad to the frame of the car.

I have a 2018 MX, but I assume this issue would also apply to the MS & 3.
Jack Point 2.JPG

Jack Point.jpg
Allen Industrial Supply in Burbank, CA. They've matched weird screws for me, right out of their collection of hundreds of parts boxes on the shelves. Get the specs on the screws, give 'em a call and see if they can fix you up. I assume you can buy just one and have it shipped to you. It would be a good idea to make it worth their time, tho. Good luck. Nuts and Bolts | Allen Industrial | Burbank, CA
Thank you CTN! I just checked mine and one bolt on the front right could be twisted by hand! It was halfway out of the thread. A couple of others were not tight either, so your tip saved me from headache down the road, literally.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the info. 13mm deep socket or socket on extension, ratchet wrench, small light, selfie cam (keeps dirt from eyes)...
All set...
A few needed to be tightened a little bit - The front ones had mud and dirt in them...

This is turning into another full time hobby... :)

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