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Warnings and more Warnings

Just got my car back from Tesla Service last week for replacement of DC/DC Converter, Heater, and Master Charger after the heater failed and I had been receiving notification that charging was interrupted.

Today I went to charge the car and a few minutes later got an error. The charge port was red and I had these errors with more errors popping up. I removed the charger and did a power off, errors remained. Shortly thereafter both screens went dark and became unresponsive. Lights, handles, hatch everything still works. Contacted Tesla Roadside who sent a tow for it and set me up with a rental. They were not able to tell me anything about what was wrong.

The car for the last 6+ months has been limiting power when flooring it. Tesla keeps telling me it was normal, but I have never seen another car do it to the extreme mine has. I did not have any 12V warnings which was my first guess. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Contactors? HV fuse? MCU?