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Was FSD Worth it to you?

To those of you who have paid $7,000 or more for FSD on an AP 3.0 vehicle, how do you feel?

  • Totally worth it!

  • Not worth it yet but I'm hopeful

  • I regret it, I was a sucker

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Jul 14, 2012
Prescott Az
Paid $5k for "enhanced autopilot" + $3k for "full self-driving capability" in 2016. Not to mention I had to pay $2.5k yesterday to update from MCU1 to MCU2 (but I'm willing to say that was part of the cost of enjoying the car for nearly 4 years).

So EAP has definitely been worth it! And the $3k for FSD is finally becoming worth it with the MCU2 upgrade.

I'm in for $10.5k total. Don't ask me now, I need a drink :)
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Nov 13, 2017
Edwardsburg, MI
Hi Whttiger25,

March 2018 Model X in the first week run with MCU2 and FSD 2.5
Upgraded to hardware 3.0 in December.
I drove Michigan to Florida in January and it was wonderful.

Taking care of micro-adjustments in steering for centering.
Lane changes...
HOV at 65 mph through Atlanta...
What's not to like?

These are expensive cars...
$7000 for FSD or $7000 for wrap and/or ceramic...
$20,000 old days for Luda
$5000 for PUP before standard
These are expensive cars...
$2000 for tires
$2500 for MCU2 who else offers this for their cars?

It was $1500 for the "center stack" MCU when the screen broke on my SRX.
No improvements just a replacement part.

My wise Italian uncle says "You cannot take it with you."

You have paid, please play, and enjoy.
These are wonderful cars...

Shawn in idyllic southern Michigan


Average guy who loves autonomous vehicles
Aug 3, 2017
Terre Haute, IN USA
Paid $5000 for EAP and then an additional $2000 for FSD. I would say the $5000 for EAP was definitely worth it. The $2000 for FSD is almost worth it. It got me the FSD computer but not a lot of features yet. The Traffic Light Control feature is not worth $2000. However, when Tesla releases "automatic lane change on city streets to follow route" which is currently in alpha and purportedly coming in a "few months", then I think FSD will be worth the extra $2000 I paid.

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Jan 6, 2020
still too early for me to tell. I paid the $3k sale price. 60% of what I was paying for was future functionality, and I knew that going in. But no regrets.

However, I have had 3 occassions so far where my MCU1 has taken time to boot up after entering the car. Before the upgrade, my MCU1 was pretty responsive and never had a black MCU screen when entering the car. Booted up fast as soon as I opened drivers door.

Appears the HW3 adds more "strain" to the MCU?
My car is a 2017 Model s with less than 5500 miles total, by the way.
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Aug 12, 2014
Is there a non zero probability of FSD causing death as well that should be factored in?

Sure but is lower than the positive scenarios, thus EV of them is still positive. But imo with the unit-test-based neural network it seems pretty likely that same functionality will not regress. New functionality might, but If I decide to use new functionality it is my decision...
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Sure but is lower than the positive scenarios, thus EV of them is still positive. But imo with the unit-test-based neural network it seems pretty likely that same functionality will not regress. New functionality might, but If I decide to use new functionality it is my decision...
When you use “infinite” value either saved or lost as part of an EV calculation, there isn’t such a thing as positive or negative EV even if the probability of a positive outcome is greater than that of the negative outcome. It’s still undefined. :)

Current actuarial value of a human life is roughly $10mil so you could use that.
Plunking down $3k for FSD over EAP and not getting the full value has helped stop me from replacing my Model 3 with a Model Y. I'm not getting rid of the 3 until I get the full value for at least a few years. I'm unrealistically hoping when FSD comes into its own, I can make my Model 3 a full time robotaxi to pay for itself and a Performance Model Y...with FSD.

For my own personal use on surface streets, if the car could just read the correct speed limit, it would be far more useful. I drive straight on a major street for 5 miles to get to the freeway, and going 5 mph under the speed limit, with everyone else doing +10 mph doesn't work with will with AutoSteer/TACC. I could live with +5 mph over the actual speed limit.
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I got my Model 3 end of last year with the Full Self Driving feature. I thought it had a long way to go to imitate a human.
One thing I have not heard mentioned in the forum is the lack of Blind Spot warning which even five year old cars have as standard feature.
The only time warning for the my M3 is in AutoPilot. No warning in regular driving nor in fsd driving in the City.
I was wondering shouldn't that be standard on a newer car without eap or fsd?
I also wonder if some eap and fsd features should be on all the time until turned off ?
Sorry if these were already covered somewhere.


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May 3, 2015
Snohomish, WA
When I bought my vehicle you had to go the EAP ($5K) +FSD ($3K) route.

FSD gave me HW3 so I at least got something tangible for my $3K.

I haven't gotten anything more than $2K worth out of the $5K for EAP.

I don't regret getting EAP+FSD because I wanted to experience new updates, and all the excitement with it. I'm into autonomous driving. and vehicle technologies. So it's not like I was going to sit on the sidelines.

Now with that being said I'm not sure I'd get it today if I was buying new. The reason is that FSD is a very binary thing in that it either works or it doesn't work. Nothing leads me to believe that it will do any L3/L4 driving in the foreseeable future. If it doesn't do that than what does it really give me?

It's also adds a substantial amount percentage wise to the cost of a 3/Y.

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