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Was suppose to pick up the my M3 today but...

So everything was looking great and I had my delivery all schedule last week for today and I was going to take the Model 3 on a road trip after so I called the delivery center to ask them to have the car charged up so I didn't have to stop over to a supercharger. Well, go figure they just told me that my car delivery was reschedule and that they left me a message about it yesterday. I never got the call and ask them what was the number they had and it was the wrong number. Go figure, they mention that it will take 2 weeks to get the car ready as there were issues and that it needed to go into the body shop prior to delivery.

So has anyone gotten a Model 3 that had to go into the body shop for repair and pickup the car after? I guess I'm wondering is the paint work going to be better then when it came out of the factory? I asked them but they were very vague about it of course. I asked if it was just cosmetic that if I could pick up the car and when they have a loaner ready for me that I could just drop it off and get the body work done later instead. They're going to call me back to see if that is possibility.

Now I'm wondering if I should even take delivery of this car if it has issue with paint or body work? Is it best just to reject the car out right and get a new vin assign to me then to wait 2 weeks to get it repaired?

So Bummed out!! :(
Man, that sucks. Sorry to hear that.

I'm still waiting for my car (configured over a month ago), but I'm not sure what I would do in your spot. I think I would look at the car after it was fixed, find out exactly what was fixed, then make my decision. If it was just a discolored bumper or scratch or something, I'd probably be ok with it. If the car was also DOA, I'd think twice. Do these "fixes" show up on a Carfax? In my case I'm in Texas, so the car is 100% paid for before Tesla even ships it, so I'm not sure it works the same as someone who doesn't finalize payment until the car is there for them to look at.

What was your config?

Yes, except I went to take a look at what I would be receiving (chipped paint, panel misalignment, <10 surface scratches; I suspect this number to be much higher by the time I receive it...Keep reading). I'm just over 3 weeks waiting for the body shop to do the job right. The first attempt was apparently too shoddy for Tesla Service to feel was acceptable for what is supposed to a brand new $64k car. I'm driving around for "free" in a Benz C300. Would much prefer an EV to get acclimated with what it's like to drive one instead of yet another ICE. Fat chance of that happening it seems, though I made the request over 2 weeks ago.
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So I got a call back and no loaner car for me for my trip, what a bummer but they'll see what they can do tomorrow since they mention they'll be doing alot of delivery tomorrow which doesn't make sense in regards to loaners unless people have been getting them and wait for they're new cars to be "presentable". They mention that its not major but enough that needs to be address before delivery. Nothing major in regards to "fender" or hood or anything like that. Something smaller, So I'm Tesla Less and a good thing I didn't Instagram my excitement for delivery day before I found out about this whole thing or people would be asking hows the car. They did say it will take a 1 week and not 2 but will see about that. Not really happy right now, and even less happy without a loaner. I wonder why they don't check these things at the storage center in LA before it gets to the delivery centers? They can at least find out then and get it worked on right away but maybe it happened on the way to the delivery center?

Does Tesla have they're own internal body shop to address these factory issues near the delivery centers?


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May 24, 2013
Sonora California
Unfortunately, I don't think yours is the free one :( When people say the loaner is free, they are referring to the S as you can charge it for free at the Supercharger so you can drive around without incurring any costs. You need to fill it up with that liquid stuff, so not free.

Tesla pays for the gas for ICE loaners.
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May 24, 2013
Sonora California
Can you explain. My car is in the shop. I don't have to return it filled but I doubt they will reimburse me for gas I put in if it runs out...

Yes, keep your receipts and Tesla will reimburse you for the gas. I've had a few loaners, one being an ICE, and the service center explained this to me before I left. I have a model X but I can't imagine the rules being different based on which Tesla you own.


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Jul 8, 2014
Austin, TX
Below are North Carolina new car sales laws. Many states are similar. They have lots of time to patch up cars that are sitting on the lot with no buyer.

New Cars

  • Dealers are required to disclose in writing any damage and repair that exceeds five percent of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price before you enter into a contract.
  • Dealers are not required to disclose any damage to glass, tires or bumpers if the damaged item has been replaced with original or comparable equipment.
  • If a new car has been repaired for damages that do not exceed five percent of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, then the dealer does not have to tell you about the damage unless you ask.
  • If a new car has been damaged more than the five percent threshold, the North Carolina Automobile Dealer’s Association recommends that its dealers disclose it in writing on company letterhead. A copy of this disclosure should be submitted along with the title to the Division of Motor Vehicles.
Perhaps Tesla’s biggest asset is the patience of their customers. I know I wouldn’t have anything to do with a new car that immediately goes to a body shop for rework, no thanks.
Yea, well, we early adopters have had lots of practice. This is just the next phase. I might feel differently if I had a showroom/service center closer to home.
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Yea, well, we early adopters have had lots of practice. This is just the next phase. I might feel differently if I had a showroom/service center closer to home.

Well I was able to get a model s loaner today.. It's a my first time driving an EV and my gosh I can't see myself going back to an ice car. I luv this model s! I'm sure I'll love the M3 as well but I'm enjoying this car and it's really fun to use autopilot for the first time was a nice experience. Hoping to get the m3 by next week. I'm seeing more of them on the roads and saw my first red one and boy it looks great. The Model S is a beast, it feels solid and comfortable. The EV experience is truly amazing.
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