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Watchdog Timer Reboot?

After being out-of-town for 2 weeks, I checked my app and saw that one of my Teslas had not connected for one week. I had someone go to my garage and she found the Touchscreen blank. After she rebooted it, my app connected and the car started charging. I saw that it hadn't charged during the week the Touchscreen wasn't running.

If this had been a longer period of time and the battery eventually went dead, it would be a big problem.

Unattended computers that crash have long been a problem and usually dealt with by an independent watchdog timer that reboots the system when certain criteria are not met for a period of time. Since Teslas have several independent computer systems onboard, they could check on each other and serve as watchdog timers.

Maybe I'm missing something or maybe after a longer period of time my Touchscreen would have auto-rebooted. I suspect others here on the forum have had similar experiences.
No. Re-awakening your computer would defeat the purpose of energy conservation.

Your car would go to deep sleep if there hasn't been any usage such as from your touchscreen after a while.
I should have said that the electronics that manage charging and Internet connectivity should keep running or be restarted if necessary even though the Touchscreen display is not running (which I agree is a power hog).
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