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We Take A Ride In The Faraday Future FF91

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TMC Staff

May 19, 2017
Cruising the Vegas strip in style. It seems more like a decade then four years when I was at CES 2016 in Las Vegas and Faraday Future held their first public event. I remember expecting to see a concept of what would eventually be their first production EV. Instead, much to the disappointment of pretty...
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Back in the very early 20th century, entrepreneurs went into business building cars all over the country. I don't know the number, but it had to be in the hundreds. Then there were mergers and collapses, the great shakeout. And this was followed by the Great Depression which killed off a bunch more.

And now it's happening again. Not every one of these new carmakers is gonna survive. Who will get bought out? Who will crash and burn?

I doubt it will be Tesla. They launched correctly (vehicles, infrastructure, service centers) and are so far ahead of the pack, you can just barely see them on the horizon.... Tesla made sure it's bulletproof.
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Comfortable seats? That's fine. After getting burned on both ventilated leather and grey leather in our model X, we are now equally concerned with durability. If an SUV Lexus' leather can be wrinkle-free at 10 years, then our model X should have been able to last longer than a few days before it's started wrinkling, & needed to be redone. Sometimes, one learns they are likely to fall upon serious disadvantages to being an early adopter - and going back to buying one or two-year used can be advantageous.