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Weathertech AVM (pics)

How much would you pay for your Model 3 floor mats? (front+rear)

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I'm now a lucky/happy owner of the Tesla Model 3. When I bought my Nissan Leaf 7 years ago I was happy. When I bought my Model 3 last week I was beyond ecstatic. The Model 3 truly is my dream car, delivering the performance, battery range, features, conveniences, and style all in a quality package. I was proud to drive my Nissan Leaf because I was on the forefront of the EV revolution. I am proud to drive my Model 3 because it's an amazing car in every aspect. But I'm here to talk about floor mats.

Having spent more than 50k on a car, $300 for an accessory seems like a drop in the bucket, but then, the best-in-class WeatherTech floor mats for the Model 3 haven't been released yet, and more importantly, I'm cheap. :) I find it hard to spend $300 on a few pieces of rubber. So I decided to try out the WeatherTech AVM (all vehicle mats) floor mats. If you want more information, they're at: 2017 Tesla Model 3 | Semi-Universal Trim to Fit Flexible Floor Mats For All Vehicles | WeatherTech

My local Pep Boys happen to carry these for $55, not having to pay for shipping is a big plus.


The front mats were too narrow, as most universal floor mats are.



The floor mats come with anchors, so I had them screwed on to the OEM floor mats


Here's what the passenger side looks like:


The top part looks great.


If only the bottom part is wider...

The rear mats had a lot of excess in the middle section because the model 3 doesn't have the bulge for the driveshaft. The design shows line in the middle for you to cut, but I didn't want to have perforations in the middle that easily let dirt and rocks crawl in. At the end I opted to cut along the right mat as the thicker material should keep the mat in place securely.




The rear mats provide great coverage from corner to corner. The narrow front mats do leave much to be desired, but with California weather I'm not worried about having an extra inch of space on the sides. For $55 this is a decent solution for now. I hope this might be useful to those looking for generic mats for their Model 3.