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Weird front license plate frame/bracket. Replacements?

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After only 5 months, my plastic Tesla license plate frames are already degrading so I bought a couple of nice chrome metal license plate frames for my Model S the other day. The rear one fits fine but I didn't notice that the OEM front frame is quite different with only two top holes and three tabs that slide into the front plate holder bracket.

Does anyone sell frames that fit into this Tesla bracket or do you guys just use a standard 2-hole license plate frame without those 3 tabs at the bottom? I'd love to remove my front frame and bracket all together, but apparently you can get a $110-$120 ticket in Ontario for not having the front plate (which really sucks since the car looks so beautiful without a front plate, and I bet the car is much more aerodynamic without it). I guess we can't argue that the car is all about being energy efficient so we need to remove the front plate, eh? Yeah, probably not.

This is the front plate bracket I'm working with. It's attached with 3 Phillips screws and some glue/tape but it also seems to be attached to something that wraps under the front bumper so I'm wondering if there might not even be any holes drilled in the front of the bumper at all:

Thanks for your help.