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Weird issue with climate control and passenger side sideview mirror

I have been experiencing a weird intermittent issue with my 2021 M3P. It has lasted for about a month or so.

Basically what happens is that when the condition is present, the climate control system only blows air out of the windshield and side window vents. The graphics on the climate control gui claim otherwise but even in manual mode, setting the airflow only to the passenges faces and fan speed to 10, you can feel that no air is flowing via the passenger facing vents in the dash. Thankfully the fan speed and temperature settings work and no issues with getting enough heat.

And now it gets even more weirder. When the climate control vent issue is present, the passenger sideview mirrors are also unresponsive. It doesn’t respond to anything: adjusting the angle or folding, no reaction. It’s a freezing issue as the condition can happen even when I’m parked at my workplace in a warm garage.

The reason I noticed the mirror issue is because my mirror has also been acting up on the passenger side. Every time I start driving the mirror is usually angled way too down. Then I manually set it back higher and save it - next time it’s messed up again. Have disabled auto tilt and even easy entry to no avail, the mirror likes to mess itself up.

So when the climate issue is present and I cannot adjust the passenger side mirror it is usually stuck in a really bad angle and I have effectively no right side mirror, thankfully the cameras work.

The issue has so far resolved by letting the car sit. The next day it’s usually gone. Steering wheel boot or power off, wait 5 min, power back on do not resolve it. And then it randomly comes back.

I’ve already booked service for 20th of February. Service menu error codes are not present when the faul condition is active. But I have seen evap temp sensor codes almost daily. And once there was a code for vcright MIA so I’m thinking could it be vcright that controls the passenger mirror and the vents - potentially a wiring issue?

Anyways it’s good to have the service scheduled, hopefully they find what’s wrong. I’m also thinking that it could be related to 2022.44.x firmware because the issues started after installing it. I’ve since gotten the bug fix update 2022.44.30 but issue still present. Perhaps 2023 firmware might fix whatever this condition is.

Anyone anointed in the dark arts of Model 3 control electronics? Would be cool to know exactly what vcleft, vcfront and vcright are responsible for and if the issue could have anything to do with one of them having isues (looking at you vcright!)
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Yikes. That's a lot of symptoms. My advice: (1) Keep in the back of your mind that there may be more than just a single malfunction causing all of these weird behaviors. (2) Tesla should be able to remotely diagnose problems like temperature sensors. (A temperature sensor problem in my car caused similar no-air-from-vent issues.) (3) If possible, record a video of the bad mirror behavior so you can demonstrate the problem even if it's not happening when you visit the service center.
Good tip. I took a video today of the climate vents working normally. Next time the issue comes I will film it. Easy to see that no air coming from the vents by using manual mode and full fan speed. Then place a piece of paper in the airstream.
Ok an update from my side. Tesla service has been reaally slooow and when they finally contacted me they said they could do remote diagnosis. Eventually nothing happened even though I told them that the issue was present.

Got frustrated and decided to test a theory I had. So my theory was that VCRight goes into a weird state for some reason and part of the functionality is disabled (the fans that drive the center vents and passenger side mirror). So went into service mode, unlocked the gateway and performed a "Reset Vcright".

Immediately as the reset had been performed I felt an inrush of airflow on my face from the center vents, and also the passenger side mirror started working.

So I reckon Vcright or some interconnecting wiring harness needs to be changed.
Just picked up my car.

The issues they found were:

- corroded wiring on RH mirror causing malfunctions in operations -> replaced wiring
- EVAP temp sensor fault (failed to report anything above 5C) -> replaced
- VCRight weird issue, measurements ok but not functioning correctly -> replaced VCRight, issue fixed