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Weird issues after last update

Discussion in 'Model S: User Interface' started by Zeromus-X, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Zeromus-X

    Zeromus-X Member

    Apr 10, 2016
    Phoenix, AZ
    I've got a relatively new (picked up mid-June) Model S 70, and for the most part it's been running with no flaws. I've had two software updates since I picked it up, and just received a third one on Friday. Since then, I have been noticing strange behavior and I'm wondering how widespread this is:

    1. After the update, my car used an extraordinary amount of battery power for about ten miles relative to what it normally uses. I took a picture of the graph where you'll see what my usage was before and after (the picture only shows a mile or two, but this continued for about ten). I reached my destination and turned off the car. When I started it back up, usage was back to normal. (Please ignore how dirty the screen is, it's sun glare making it look worse I swear!):

    2. Sunday, when charging my car, I unplugged the charge cable and the charge door didn't automatically close. When I went to drive away I received a warning that the charge door was open and had to close it via touchscreen.

    3. Yesterday, while driving home, I was unable to connect to LTE. I rebooted both screens but no luck. It looks like this was more widespread so we will assume this is conicidental timing but I will note that my symptom was different than others in that thread are reporting - people seem to be saying it showed LTE bars but couldn't download anything. Mine showed no LTE bars or LTE logo at all. Just the Bluetooth and Wifi ones.

    4. Today, I had no autosteer on my way home from work. The car wasn't picking up lane lines, but was able to identify the vehicle in front of me in white. Attempting autosteer just displayed the message "Autosteer currently unavailable" (it wouldn't attempt to lock on to the car in front of me). It did identify car vs truck so I know the sensors were working in some capacity. I pulled off at a Supercharger, got out, came back, and it was working as expected.
    Perhaps these items are unrelated to the update, but I am suspicious of at least three of them. I'm also getting some rattling in my dash that hasn't been annoying enough to care but would be enough to have looked at if both of the above could be a problem. Is it possible that maybe the software update failed in some way? Or are these just normal everyday "quirks" that you all deal with from time to time, and I'm happening to get them all at once? OF course now that I am looking for problems I keep thinking I find more of them ("Is the GPS rendering slower than usual?") but that's probably all in my head.
  2. zambono

    zambono Active Member

    Mar 1, 2016
    LTE was an outage, I have also seen the message for the charge port but I hadn't started moving yet. There is an update already for the last major release something like .65 at the end. Might solve some of this, I don't have it.
  3. BertL

    BertL Active Member

    Aug 19, 2015
    Carlsbad, CA
    #3 BertL, Aug 17, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2016
    OP, my suggestion is to keep track of date and time of each situation. If they reoccur, then make an appt and take your MS in, to at a bare minimum officially report the bugs.

    FWIW, my impressions:
    1. I tend not to try and overthink some anomalies like this unless they become repetitive. It's fun for some to pursue theories of what may be causing it, but with all that can happen "automagically" by MS, and all the environmental situations that add variability, I try not to get too worked up.
    2. Assuming nothing is overly-dirty, that shouldn't happen. I believe Tesla can look at your log and see what transpired if you have the date/time. Other threads have some reports that the latch was replaced, but IMHO it's not pervasive. I've only had my latch not close when I thought it should have maybe once or twice since I took delivery 10+ months ago. Be sure your problem is repetitive. Tesla, like most mfgrs won't likely replace something if it's not repetitive and/or can't be recreated.
    3. As has been said and reported in numerous other threads, there was an AT&T outage. Next concern? ;)
    4. I've had this happen 2 or 3 times as well, but it's not repeatable on-demand, so I have not reported it to Tesla. As you also found, all tends to be well when MS if turned off and back on. In one case months ago, I tried rebooting both the IC and CID, but that didn't help until I got out and back in.
    5. Dash rattles of course more likely than not, have nothing to do with firmware. Do what you can to isolate and report to Tesla on your next SC visit. If you do the latter, my suggestion is to try and find a place around the SC before you check-in where the noise will happen so you can demo it to the Service Advisor. If the noise isn't there with their test drive, they (just as most car dealers) can't likely fix it.

    ...and yes, you'll probably find more things the more you look, especially if you get into Infotainment. ;). IMHO no Tesla is perfect, nor is any other car on the road, as much as we'd each like to hope so. I went through "the phase" perhaps you're also in of identifying everything that didn't seem right, but my life is much better these days picking my battles than looking for issues, especially as I have found things that are unrepeatable can't be fixed most of the time, and if it's related to firmware, Tesla does not have the best track record being timely delivering a resolution for anything but safety items, AP, and what gets called out negatively in the press. Do though make use of search here on TMC as you come up with more repeatable anomalies -- many things have been discussed many times before. ;)

    Enjoy that MS!

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