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Weird thing happened today, no sound..

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So at lunch I go out in car and everything fine, listen to Cowherd on Sirius on my phone. When I get off work at 5 and get in car to drive home the car will make no sound. Nothing. I put on radio, slacker, phone, tunein they all were playing but no sound. I adjusted volume up and down still nothing. Even the blinkers made no sound when I put them on. So about halfway home after fiddling with everything I could think of I just held down both scroll wheels until screen went blank. After about 30 seconds I pushed one scroll wheel back in and the screen came back on on viola, I had sound. Boy I was releived but still have no idea what happened. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
I think this happened to me once many moons ago in my old RWD Model 3 and a reset fixed it, but i haven't had it happen in quite a while. I wouldn't worry too much unless it happens multiple times, then it's worth giving Tesla a call to see if they are aware of it and/or can see the problem.
Sounds similar to a bug a few of us have experienced a while back. Sometimes no audio would play in the car at all, not even from turn signals. When this was happening the quickest way to fix it was to get out of the car, close the door and wait a second then go back in. Two button reboot would not fix it. I haven’t seen any reports of this bug over the past few months and I haven’t experienced it in quite some time either.
Lots of phantom s/w issues w/ Artax. When I took delivery, I didn't even hit drive when it went into an unexpected reboot. Did this a number of times (lost count) over the next month. tesla couldn't explain but said nothing wrong. Right USB port quit working; rebooted several times with no recovery. tesla looked at it, got it working but again couldn't explain. I could go on and on (woofer not working, infotainment noy playing, etc, etc). As I see it, either 1. the computer is faulty or 2. tesla s/w just plain sucks. Either way, tesla is no help... they just deny deny but never gets fixed.