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Weirdness with AP/Nav after single lane use...

tl;dr I drive home every day via multiple freeways and there is a section where there is an HOV 'flyover' lane and I use it every day that I can. My issue is that when I use AP/NAV together I have to briefly drop out of AP to make the transition to the flyover lane (the Tesla Nav will not choose that direction home for now) and then I re-enable AP and the screen changes to show just the single lane that I am in (as it should), but after I reach the end of the flyover lane and am now on another freeway I see the lanes to the right appear again for about 1/4 mile and then they disappear forever (see example pic attached). The display still shows the cars in the left lane but no lane lines beyond them and the auto lane change to the right (to move from HOV to left lane) always says it's not available after blinking for a bit. The only way to get the lanes to reappear is if I drop out of AP and manually lane change to the right and then back to the HOV lane. This behavior is 100% reproducible. I am unsure how to report this to Tesla. I tried the audible bug-report and it just said 'thanks for the report' immediately without letting me describe it in any way.

Has anyone else seen behavior like this when using AP/Nav together?



(example of what I see after moving from flyover lane to a 4-lane freeway)
I had an issue driving on I95 in Virginia heading into DC where is an express road that goes between the north and southbound lanes. This express lane is bidirectional, northbound in the mornings and southbound in the evenings. I was using route guidance and traffic aware cruise control. Both stopped working when I entered the express roadway. I was able to restart the cruise control but route guidance would not recover until I returned to the main roadway.
It's probably because the express lane or fly over lane isn't listed as a proper controlled access highway (freeway). Navigate on Autopilot doesn't work outside of controlled access highways which is why you'd only get regular AP while going down those lanes.
I noticed the navigation is not great with HOV lanes (and HOV-only entrances/exits). Even when you set the preference to allow those, it doesn't route you to them, even though I know it is faster to use them. If you drive to a particular HOV-only entrance near where I live, it keeps re-routing you to the regular entrance with probably a half-mile detour. My ancient Garmin navigation unit does better...