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What’s an acceptable amount of vampire drain?

If Sentry Mode is on, around 1 mi/hr (maybe 0.8 is more accurate) would be considered normal.

If Sentry Mode AND cabin overheat protection are on on a hot, sunny day, 1-2 mi/hr drain would be normal.

Standby Mode for [Smart] Summon will also add to vampire losses. I don’t remember if it was enabled by default in v10...think it was. Definitely something to check.

If none of these are on and it is not freezing cold, car shouldn’t lose more than a mile or two the whole night.
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Around 1 mile is normal. I was experiencing a lot more drain too, close to 15 miles. Here is the solution I found: Tesla Model 3 Vampire Drain (aka loosing mileage when stationary)

Good catch on that "standby" mode that was enabled by default in V10. I am surprised tesla would auto enable an option like that without saying so. I turned it off after reading your other post when you made it, just on principle. I dont mind waiting extra time on using summon.