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What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

Let us know what your average is, preferably since taking delivery. Also post what wheel tire setup you have.
Here’s mine, although I think my later driving as been a lot more efficient (about 260)

This is with 20inch 8.5 front 10 on the rear and pilot sport 4S
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270 Wh/mi after ~2500 miles. It's coming down a lot now that I'm not running the heater. Recent trips are closer to 250Wh/mi. 18" with the aero covers pulled off and a heavy right foot. The best round trip rating I ever got was on a flat road, 65 degree day at 55mph with no stops: 200Wh/mi. I was lucky to get under 325 in my Model S, so the 3 is much more efficient.
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Five months of ownership and 1,621 miles shows 237 wh/mile. My wife just drives this car about town on errands, so maybe drives 50 miles per week. We did drive to the service center for a day trip, and then took another day trip to Gilroy and then down to the Kettleman City Supercharger. On those trips (I did most of the driving) our wh/mile was closer to 220.

We do not have the aero wheels.

And my lifetime wh/mile on our 4-year old S with nearly 50,000 miles is 278. So perhaps I am a much slower driver than most.
2,100 miles with aero wheels, averaging 227 using chill mode. Don't have a heavy foot but that is probably because I came from a Prius V where a heavy foot didn't do anything:)
Mostly around town with some highway. Have yet to do any prolonged highway driving at 70+ though.
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I am typically 245, likely cause I run the AC all the time. When I recently took a trip thru Wyoming I ended up bumping my 5000 mile lifetime to 254 on their 85 MPH highways. Coming back thru 100° heat of Las Vegas and the Valley of Fire didn't help. I have the 18" aeros, but I have the caps pulled off, probably also why I am not getting lower Wh/mi.

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That one doesn't account for the size of the wheels, or presence of the Aero caps, nor have very many choices around the middle of the curve, I might have had some options less than 20 watts apart and not waste the entries below 180 and above 300

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Just over 3200 miles in the past 12 weeks of ownership. Aero wheels with covers removed. Early on my efficiency was well over 260 Wh/mi but it’s definitely been dropping that I’ve calmed my driving down a bit and with the warmer weather. I’m at around 255 Wh/mi lifetime now but my last 670 miles have averaged 228 Wh/mi. I still drive somewhat like a maniac, pushing the car pretty hard at times and usually flooring it at traffic lights (I can’t help it :D ). If I drove more like a sane person I’d probably be in the 230 Wh/mi range.
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