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What Adapter comes with the M3

My delivery is this Wednesday and wanted to know which adapter comes with the new model 3's? I'm having a 14-50 outlet installed & was hoping I could using my charger that comes with the car for a few months & then order the corded charger. Or do I need to order an adapter online?
Starting in April (maybe may?) of this year they stoped bundling the 14-50 adapter with the car.

You can still order it for $35 from Tesla. I've had really good luck with the adapters being in stock in store- might want to just check that out.

Another option is to get a j1772 EVSE.
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Wow--two replies and no one has mentioned which adapter the UMC actually does come with? It comes with a plug for 5-15 outlets. Those are the standard wall outlets your house has. So you can charge from that when the car comes, but it will be kind of slow, like 5 miles per hour.
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