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What am I doing wrong with Spotify?


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Aug 27, 2018
Ok, I've had a "Free" version of Spotify and Pandora forever. I always tended to use Pandora.

When I got the Model 3, I signed up for the Cheap Plan on Slacker. It made life easier sharing my account across cars. Worked great when I got a loaner too.

When Spotify released I was pretty happy and signed up for their Premium Trial.

I was thrilled I could repeat, rewind, fast forward etc. I could find whole albums. But my "My Music" was a mess because I didn't really know how it worked.

Finally I got on my phone and cleaned everything up.

For some reason I had all these weird artist, playlists and albums I NEVER heard of.

I deleted pretty much everything.

I setup like 25 artists.

I created several playlists.

And a couple Albums.

I go to the car and I don't see any of it. That happened before and might take a while to show up.

I pop around on Slacker on the Car, go back to Spotify still no change. I leave for bit come back no change.

Then I go to the phone to check if I need to push it to the car or something.

Everything was back the way I started, all the weird artists, all my artist I added were gone.

WTF !!

Did the car overwrite the account. I know there is an option on the phone to force all devices off. Should I have done that first?

What am I doing wrong !!
Well I found one work around.

Log the Car OUT before doing anything on the phone App.

Setup the phone again. Waited a little bit. Logged the car in and everything instantly pulled down and seems to be working.

Not sure what's safe to do and it's kind of a PITA to only login one device at a time. But there seems to be conflict of whose on first.
Finally some progress.

My Spotify has been a free account for years and only recently I upgraded to the Premium TRIAL.

It felt like someone else was using the account. If I looked at history I'd see songs and artists I've never seen before.

So I went on the web page, dug into some settings and found "Log Out All Devices".
Also found Manage All Devices and removed them all. One was Android which I have not used for a few years but I do some development on Android. But none of my Android's are Active.

Then Changed the Password. What's really weird is, there is no "Change Password". You have to do the same thing as you do as forget password to change it. Called "Reset Password". Took a while to figure that out.

Then I cleaned up all the Artists, PlayList and Albums yet again.

Why would someone crack a free account? Why wouldn't they have changed password? Or if they wanted to stay under the radar why replace my place lists. Where accounts accidentally crossed?

Such a strange service.

My list of Artists seemed a bit short in the car, went back to the phone and they did match. But I'm not sure how exhaustive I was this last time around of recreating my Artist list. Other than that it seems stable.

Once playing it does not seem to hang or anything. But seems stuck in the morning and requires switch to Slacker and back to kick it. After that it seems ok.

One more major glitch and I give up.

One more note mentioned in another thread that Spotify is not new to Tesla. It's only new in the USA. So this isn't buggy 1.0 code.