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What App are you using daily and are you concerned?

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Let’s be honest, the Tesla app is not the best app out there based on the vehicle we have today. There apps out there that do other things our Tesla app will my do. Like....

Better Apple Watch options
Notify you when your car door is open
Having the ability to schedule tour cabin temp

Last time I took my vehicle in for service, I got a lesson from service guy stating that downloading new apps to control your car could be potentialially harmful to your car. Meaning, giving outside entities outside of Tesla access to your api was not a good thing.

Are they bring over protective?

What apps are you using to control your car today?
I only use Tesla's app (and some scripts that I wrote for custom things). Would never consider using a 3rd party app/site with the way Tesla's API currently works. Especially would never ever use a 3rd party that requires your actual Tesla password - that's just...wow. The 3rd party doesn't have to be nefarious for there to be risk. Since no system is impenatrable, you must accept the risk that it could be stolen from the 3rd party.

IF there wasy a way to use a token that was also locked down to only certain commands that I controlled, I'd consider that.
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