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What Apps Are Open On Your MS Screen/Dash

Just picked up my Model S 85D, and love it. Looked to see if there was a similar thread, and didn't see one. Wondering what people keep up on their screen on a day-to-day basis and what they have on their dash screen?

I imagine I will keep the top screen with the music app, and the bottom with either the navigation or a webpage loaded to weather forecast or news headlines (open to suggestions for what to keep up when not navigating somewhere).

On the dash, it feels natural to keep the music on the left, since the controls are on that side, but then it gets covered by navigation when you are on a trip. Therefore, I moved music to the right. However, not sure what to put on the left... not that interested in energy app. Wish you could keep nav/map up on the left even when you are not navigating to somewhere.
Just like marcad80 said: Music/turn-by-turn left, energy right; map top, music bottom. This is probably the most common config, I've seen it on my colleagues' cars too.

Better question is: what will be there when 3rd party apps are enabled? My vote for music/turn-by-turn left, full status app right; wase top, pandora bottom

what do people have mapped to the right scrolling wheel on the steering wheel? I have screen brightness there
I keep trip/Nav on the left, and music on the right. Center display is usually double-size map unless I'm in traffic and want advance warning of motorcycles lane splitting, in which case I put the rear camera on the top. I like having nice map views available at a glance. :biggrin:

I have no idea what I'm going to do when we lose the energy meter from the instrument cluster's speedometer. I guess music gets hidden everywhere. No idea how that's going to work.
I have music on the left of the instrument cluster and trips on the right of it, which I use to see how I'm doing on Wh/mi for the trip. I usually have energy on the top half of the 17" display and either music or the web browser on the bottom. If I'm using the web browser on the bottom it is probably displaying a page showing the current windspeed, though I sometimes use the Waze web page.

I use the left scroll wheel as a volume control and the right scroll wheel to control the fan speed on the HVAC.