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What are your Most Compelling Colors?

I thought it would be cool if you guys would like to share your best Colors, and most compelling Photos. I'm really currently having trouble deciding on a color, I've looked all over the web for real life images under different lighting etc. and am still having trouble deciding. So I thought it might be a good idea to have them all in one place and do comparison, This thread may also be helpful for anyone else who deciding a color as well.

Also Please give details as well for either stock or non-stock, Thanks!
My favorite color is the vinyl wrap I put on mine, Avery Brilliant Blue Matte Metallic




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Multi-red Ever since I saw my first one in the wild. Above all colors this one makes me look twice.
I knew it was the color for me when a Tesla employee sent me a photo of a white CPO tesla to look at,
but all i could concentrate on was a multi-red model s in the back ground.
Multi-red Ever since I saw my first one in the wild.

It's funny that for me, Sig Red is one of my most favorites while the Multi Coat Red is one of my least favorites. I never would have considered green (or brown) based on web images, but they look really good in person. Almost wish I'd got green instead of blue back when I did because it's now discontinued.