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What cars are more fun to drive than a M3P?


Mar 9, 2021
South Florida
That's a great picture of your car. Have you done any exterior mods to it? I've got a red M3P with white interior on order.

My red M3P is all stock, built by Tesla in March, 2021. I did put on red Tesla logo stickers on the center of the wheels from a vendor on Amazon.

I get asked at Superchargers by fellow Tesla owners: "I like your wheels, what are they?" I tell them they are the stock Tesla wheels on the current version of the Performance.

In my opinion, the stock setup for the current M3P is solid - requires no mods.





Technical Maven
Mar 24, 2014
NE Georgia
The old Lotus Elan I had with the 180hp twin cam with dual side draft webers. I used to run it in SCCA C Production and time trials. A street legal go-kart!


Mar 9, 2021
Shelburne Falls, MA
For 18 years I owned a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. Two liters, turbo, DOHC, fully independent front and rear suspension. No electronic stability control, no ABS, just a driver's car. It did 0-60 in about 6.2 seconds. Considerably slower than my 2020M3LR, but more fun getting there. And, it only cost $20,008. I had it in L.A. at one point, and every Sunday morning, very early, I would take it out on Mulholland Highway in the Santa Monica Mountains and drive it as hard as I could, trying not to use the breaks, instead, slowing down with the transmission. I drove it cross country a number of times. On one trip, I went from Las Vegas to Omaha,, a distance of about 1400 miles in 18 hours, stopping only for gas. In 2005 a young guy offered me $20,000 for it. He was into street racing. I turned him down. Sadly, three years later, the car burned up in a fire. I still miss it.


Jan 11, 2019
Back in late 2018, early 2019, I test drove the F80 M3, m235, C63S, RC-F, LC500 (both V8 and Hybrid), Cayman GTS 2.5, 991.2 911 Carrera S, S5 (they didn't have the RS5 available), before picking up the M3P.

I would have the LC if it had more low end torque. As great as the v8 is above ~4K RPM, it's disappointing down low. The Cayman GTS was the winner out of all of them. Power was more than adequate, PDK is telepathic, and the feeling of being hard wired into the car's handling, was second to none. I haven't driven the 4.0 GTS but expect it would be sublime with the flat 6.
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May 5, 2021
Duvall, WA
A lot of good responses here. What's reassuring for this soon to be M3P owner is that I'm not seeing a lot of (or any) responses that list competing 4-door sedan/daily driver type cars as being more fun to drive. Maybe a WRX? Maybe a high end 3 or 5 series, or Benz AMG, or Audi S4. Even then it's a reach.

Silicon Desert

Active Member
Oct 1, 2018
Sparks NV / GF 1
Hmmm, for me the 3 sure was not fun to drive (test drive). I'm a tall guy and I felt like I was in a clown car. Of course that opinion goes for similar sized cars as well. Just me of course. Clearly other big folks like it.


Oct 7, 2020
I drove all of the comparable big-4 Euro makes (BMW, Audi, Benz, Volvo), and none of them felt better than the M3P. The interiors were all nice, and they all handled well, cornered great, but there was something about the M3P that (as my teen boys say) just hit different. The acceleration, the planted feel, the virtual silence under 30 MPH. It's a completely different driving experience, which for me, is how I defined "fun" in those comparisons.

I'm not a drum beating environmentalist by any means, but for as much as I grew up loving a strong exhaust note, I've also tired of it. Burning gas, oil changes and such became significant negative points once I drove the Tesla. I went into the car search "wanting" to love the 5-series or the E-class, but I just couldn't get there. Not sure why, exactly, but they just didn't excite me.
Same here. Owned several of each (BMW, Audi, MB, Jag and Saab). Great cars, but after a while I got bored with them all. None had the visceral, instant acceleration that the Tesla has. It's OK in the corners, and one-pedal deceleration is a different feel from a well-timed downshift, but nothing beats feeling your organs compressed when you stomp on the go-pedal and watch traffic fade in the rear-view. Silently, too.

Silicon Desert

Active Member
Oct 1, 2018
Sparks NV / GF 1
You must be over 7' tall. I'm 6'6" and my 3 is very comfortable.
well no, not that tall. I guess I would say it comes down to what we are used to. I don't like my head being a few inches from the roof as well as other space which it was in the 3 when I was in it. And it just seemed cramped for me. I am more of the MX type. Glad to know you feel ok in it though.
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Mar 10, 2019
TX Hill Country
It seems my P3- has made all my other hot rods irrelevant antiques, so I sold them. Sure, it can be a bit unsettled at very high speed braking but suspension/tires/brakes are easy mods and the aftermarket is healthy. What the hell else are you going to mod anyway, lol.


Mar 3, 2020
The model 3 is fun in its own way. I enjoy the one gear drive train coupled with the constant torque. It's a unique feel you cant get in an ICE. I had a 6th gen Camaro SS manual and that was a blast to drive. Lots of torque down low with a great 6-speed and a nice stiff suspension. Rowing gears I enjoyed the most.

The only thing I'm missing in my M3 is a stiffer suspension. A little better cornering and I'm set.
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