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What Do You Do During the Wait? Anticipation ~

Be sure to get bids and have your NEMA 14/50 outlet installed in your garage.
Charging with 110V outlet wil not cut it.

Notify your car insurance carrier that you have a new set of wheels, have that in place before picking up your car.

Find out about where to get your car inspected locally (EV inspection is a lot quicker), and where to register your car/pay taxes.


Still in love after all these miles
I read the forum every single day from when I placed my order (actually, a month prior), read every article about the car that I could find, probably had one too many beers, checked every single accessory site (not many back then), bought all kinds of crap that I actually do use, and bit my nails in anticipation. It was worth every single second.

I still read the forum every day...Yes, I am obsessed and I am enjoying every minute of it. But I don't bite my nails anymore:biggrin:.
You need to:

Make a list:
Things to bring (thumb drive with music, cleaning cloths, cell phone, etc.) You probably will be so excited the day of that you'll forget the essentials.
Questions to ask
Verify the VIN with your order (bring ALL of you paperwork you've received thus far).

Make sure you are ready to charge when you get home (have the house pre-wired) before the date of pickup.


If you can, take a 2nd test drive or ask to sit in the car without the test drive. It helps calm the nerves and also allows you to focus more on the features (think of it as a pre-pickup-class). You will take a small class on how to run the car at pickup. This is essential as it starts building muscle memory when you're driving.

Pick up car care products.

On the day of the pickup, purchase any extra adapters you may need (I bought all of them). Better safe then sorry.

I will tell you, your Delivery Specialist is ready to deal with your EXTREME EXUBERANCE and potential drooling at pickup. These people are generally fun people to deal with! Just enjoy it!
Inspection? Wait, what? Sorry, am new to these parts. Care to expand?
Yes, please advise. Every car I've ever bought before had that done by the 'dealer' but of course this is different.

- - - Updated - - -

Not sure about your state, but I filled out and printed the app for HOV lane free access here in CA so I can send it in right away. Btw, is it absolutely necessary to put those white stickers all over the car?:eek:


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Aug 19, 2015
Carlsbad, CA
Yes, please advise. Every car I've ever bought before had that done by the 'dealer' but of course this is different.

- - - Updated - - -

Not sure about your state, but I filled out and printed the app for HOV lane free access here in CA so I can send it in right away. Btw, is it absolutely necessary to put those white stickers all over the car?:eek:

I don't plan to have any special inspection done on my vehicle, other than what I will do myself.

As to my own preparation: I have sold both my cars and have a nasty ICE rental in my garage at the moment. I have my list of things to check upon delivery printed, and a few questions for my DS written down; have read the Owners Manual 3 times; scanned this forum and others for weeks; watched dozens of hours of you-tube videos about MS, battery tech, etc; have a list of things I want to ensure are customized or tried-out when I have some alone-time with my MS; have my HPWC and 100-amp circuit installed and inspected; accessories have all arrived; my to-be-dedicated 128GB USB stick is loaded with a subset of my iTunes playlists; detailing supplies have been checked and are ready for use upon arrival; appointment is made for tint to be applied to the Windows the week after I take delivery; provided my delivery request list to my DS -- e.g. Don't drill holes or install front license plate frame, please install my optional dual charger and console that have now arrived at the Service Center so I don't have to make another trip, and be prepared it may take me 20-mins or so to look over fit and finish of my MS before signing on dottled line. ;). Worst part for me is my S90D arrived at the SC yesterday, but I'm headed out of town tomorrow morning for a week, so I won't be picking up my new toy until Monday 10/5 when I am back.

On the CA HOV Lane access thing... Note you can't send that paperwork in until after you have registration paperwork back in your hands from DMV a few weeks after delivery, and be sure to send in your $8 check with the form. ...and yes, I just read earlier today FAQs on multiple State of CA and Highway Patrol sites that you must have the stickers on the side of your car, or you will be ticketed if driving alone in the HOV lane. Me, I'll probably order the stickers for the heck of it, but not put them on -- even with the stickers being white and my MS being pearl white. I care too much about how my ride looks to put the stickers on, and will just go with the rest of the solo drivers in the regular lanes. We'll see. ;)
here's what I've done

* clean the garage, twice
* installed the charger
* organized insurance
* browsed the Tesla Shop and ev-annex to determine that I don't need any accessories right away. Sunshade still likely.
* read all about the Ludicrous option
* you tube videos
* /r/teslamotors on reddit
* talked waaay too much to friends about the car


MSLR, W/W 21s FSD 1145 DEL 11/26 VIN MF454
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Mar 24, 2013
Seminole, FL
I nearly lost my mind waiting. I posted here like I was possessed, lost so much sleep, and then when I realized my VIN would be close to 10,000 I almost had to be sedated thinking I COULD be #10,000!

I think my excitement was especially high because I had never even seen a Model S, other than a fleeting glimpse of one as it passed me. All I had were a few videos to watch over and over. I didn't even know about the auto-present door handles until I found a video, AFTER I had ordered.

I ordered nice floor mats and extra adapters from Tesla, a coffee cup, had my NEMA14-50 installed... and continued to wait.

There was really no way to make that "kid on Christmas Eve" excitement easier for WEEKS. And then, I took delivery, and every day is like Christmas morning when I make my daily commute. :biggrin:

40,000 miles later, I still can't stop the little grin every time I see her.


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Jul 23, 2013
San Diego
I arranged for paint protection film to be applied and coordinated with the installer so I could drive the car straight from the service center to the installer. As a result of that careful coordination, my S had only 18 miles on it when the film was applied.
This is my plan as well. Straight from delivery to the Xpel Installer. Conveniently, he is only about 2 miles from the Tesla Service center.

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