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What does service centers should feel like = "invisible love" mean? Announcement?


Apr 18, 2014
I think the following scenario fits the "invisible love" description. This is my speculation only!!! Please do not read too much into it!!!

The following has to be consented by the owner, of course:

  1. when serve is required, the "appointment" time is set
  2. at the specified time a ranger comes to the location of the car (work, home, etc) and brings a loaner
  3. the ranger opens the service car, drives it and loads it to the flatbed
  4. the ranger reprograms the loaner car to work with owner's keys and parks it in the same spot where the serve car was parked
  5. time passes, the car is getting serviced
  6. when the car is ready, the opposite swap is performed

Point is, the owner doesn't have to be present for these operations. The loaner car can be programmed to work with the owner's keys, so the owner's presence is not required.

To think more about it, such an operation can be performed even if the car is behind closed garage doors, as long as the car has the garage door programmed in its opener.



Model S 85, Model 3 Performance
Jun 19, 2012
San Carlos, CA
My car has been in service for, I don't know, I think 10 times at least. Service is kind of "okay" around here... First, it's so difficult to get a loaner. Secondly, their service center hours (8a-7p) make it impossible to do a drop-off or pick-up because of my wife's work schedule (teacher, not flexible). Third, they don't want to do a loaner swap because my wife's school is about 35 miles from the service center and is kind of "too far". Fourth, even if they can meet her, they will not install a child seat in the loaner (my wife is not strong enough) which is a deal-breaker because my wife has my daughter with her. I end up having to do an after-hours drop-off-and-swap after dinner the night before my service appointment.


Feb 22, 2014
I don't know about you, but if the car is drivable, I would rather drive it to the service center myself (50 miles). It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

I guess I wouldn't mind the drive- but they already offer ranger visits/pickups, so I don't expect anything to change there. My suspicion is that the scheduling will go through the app. Right now you have to call the service center during business hours, and if nobody picks up you get transferred to HQ. Eventually service calls you back and you have to chat with them and agree on a time. All in all it's a bit of a hassle and I've been procrastinating getting my tires rotated because of it. I think a service scheduler in the app would change that for me.


Jun 1, 2014
What about stocking the service center loaners with fully loaded P85D and future X equivalent so that the car they drop off doubles as an opportunity to check out all the latest features first hand. That would at least help to account for the love half of the equation.


Active Member
Feb 27, 2013
I've always felt that Tesla hasn't really leveraged their customer portal on their website or the internet connectivity of the car in the best way when it comes to service. For non-critical service, I should be able to schedule service without talking to a human being as well as document my issues on my customer portal. Then the vehicle is serviced without necessarily my presence and the service logs are kept on the customer portal. If there are items due for later servicing, they should be kept as outstanding items in the customer portal.

Obviously, the car could have a specific service app that links to the same back end for the customer portal. Similarly, reporting issues should be done through the car itself, including contacting roadside assistance.

This may be tied to their reported back end software upgrades.
I think Elon Musk long term vision is nothing like you guys described. Think of it as your computer. You set "update schedule" lets say from 10PM to 6AM, it will do all the updates without you even bothering you.

So think about it. I think long term, you will set your Telsa car "available service time/date". The car will talk to closest service center when a spot is available. The car will SELF DRIVE to the service center, and then DRIVE BACK where it left. Never bothering you.

I think that is HIS long term vision. What you think?


Ex got M3 in the divorce, waiting for EU Model Y!
Feb 9, 2012
Drammen, Norway
I would like it if I came to the car after work one day and there was a pop-up on the screen:

"Hi Johan. My sensors told me that the brake fluid was running low. Since I know you never leave work before 3 PM on Mondays I took the liberty of self-driving over the service center to have it checked out. The topped it up and changed the brake pads in the front while they were at it. Hope you dont mind. Love Kitt".

v12 to 12v

Active Member
Jul 10, 2012
Your car sends you a Valentine on Valentine's day and an appointment invitation on the car's anniversary.

I felt invisible love when Tesla vacuumed the Tesla "T" into the carpet in my rear cargo area. How could I possibly disturb it? Someone went to all that trouble just for me and Joules!

Hugh Mannity

Mediocre Member
Jul 31, 2014
Calgary, AB
How about if the car knows it has a problem then it contacts service automatically, they check out the logs, and automatically schedule an appointment and pick up the car.

This was my first thought too,it books itself when its time for tyre rotation or brake service or whatever, the ranger then swaps vehicles with you. Self driving itself would be cool but dont think we will see that for years
Here is my take:
When your car needs servicing, it automatically schedules an appointment. It schedules that appointment to start in the middle of a calendar event (Like a meeting).

When the time comes, a Ranger arrives with a loaner. He puts your car in "service mode", that allows the loaner to use your keys and garage doors, as well as transferring over settings. It also let's you control the loaner with the app.

Then the ranger unlocks your car, moves anything in it to the loaner, parks the loaner where your car was, and takes your car to service. At this time you receive a notification on your phone with a picture of the loaner.

Once your car is done getting serviced, tesla brings it back during another event on your calendar. They move all your stuff from the loaner to your car, disable service mode, and leave.


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