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What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

Love my Model Y, but there's always room for improvement...What features would you like to see Tesla make for Model Y or Model 3?

Let's classify this as either A) software updates or B) hardware upgrades (for new cars and possibly retrofitting to existing cars).

I'll start...

A) Software Updates
  1. Please enable the matrix headlights.
  2. CarPlay and Android Auto (which may or may not require HW changes)
  3. Navigate to 3rd party DCFC
  4. Error/warning messages need text-to-speech. The text is tiny and I shouldn't need to look at the screen to see that autosteer is disabled or some other critical alert.
  5. Voice recognition for changing radio stations (I thought every car had this — my Ford and my Toyota did)
  6. Without EAP or FSD, lane changing should be more seamless and less beepy. In my last car (Mach E), you'd signal, it would let you change lanes without lane keeping, and it would detect when you're in the new lane and re-engage lane centering.
  7. Add ability to adjust wiper sensitivity
  8. I've had 3-4 times in my 3 months with the car where the car would not update its status in the app. It was in persistent disconnected status (in a well covered cell area that I go all the time). In a couple cases it was broken for 3-6 hours. I had to two-button restart. Please fix this.

B) hardware upgrades (and please offer upgrades to current owners)
  1. Heads up display (that seems like the perfect minimalist match for Tesla)
  2. Cameras support for Birds Eye surround view (downward facing cameras under the side mirrors, etc)
  3. Infrared eye illuminator and camera tracking for detection driver attention instead of hands on the steering wheel (like Chevy Supercruise and Ford BlueCruise)
  4. 80A level 2 charging (19.2kW). I know early Model S cars had an option. But more and more businesses are installing 80A chargers. Blink and SemaConnect have sold 80A commercial chargers for a while. Chargepoint released a 80A commercial charger a couple months ago. If you can get almost double the charge (vs a 48A charger) during a shopping trip or a movie, or move almost twice as many cars through a charger at a workplace, that would be great.
  5. Vehicle to load and vehicle to house. We've all seen what the Hyndaid/Kia can do with a built-in plug and a J1772 adapter. And the Ford Lightning's ability to power your house. Come on Tesla, we want this too!


"File:2020 Tesla Model Y, rear 8.1.20.jpg" by Kevauto is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
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I’d be happy just to get proximity alerts back. But from your list, 360° view, adaptive headlights for matrix, and native CarPlay would be sweet. And if I were to add anything, rear cross traffic warnings would be nice. Oh, wait. No ultrasonics. I don’t see how Tesla Vision could accomplish Cross traffic warnings without them.
OPs A6 is long past due.

Doppler weather map overlay. (My 2017 prius has that... see attached).

Ability to pause/cache live radio so you can rewind,
hen later ffwd (2017 Prius also has that)

I'll add auto adjusting rearview mirror. Although that may be some regulatory thing because I've never seen one, even on high end cars.

LCD roof, or whatever that glass is called that you can turn opaque with the touch of a button.

Room for a full size spare somewhere (frunk or sub trunk)


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Lots of great options mentioned. I’d add a customizable holographic HUD to the wish list, as well as rear passenger monitors (and wireless headphones) so they can watch streaming content or play games, which would be great for extended road trips. Our previous Honda Odyssey and current Toyota Sienna have this, and it would be a nice addition to the MY.
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Ditto to the list of upgrades suggested in the initial question for Model Y --my list priorities -- HEAD UP Display projected into Windshield as mentioned --Headliner cover, (software) ability to zoom the center screen to make everything larger instead of distracting myself trying to figure out the tiny icons being displayed. Proximity warning when backing up, air cooled seats, apple CarPlay -- funny, the gasoline powered car I traded in had most of these. I live in California -- ability to hook up to house during power outage and keep my fridge running for awhile.
Since Elon showed his true colors I canceled my order and really don’t care what changes are made.
Make sure you cancel your Amazon! I hear Bezos is mean, too. Lets not even get into Apple's child labor factories... definitely dont buy an Apple product. Also never shop at WalMart, that family is horrible... Even the beloved Walt Disney was an anti-semite, so dont do anything Disney.

Maybe many people with that much wealth are just bad humans. *shrug* Personally, I tend to support Made in America products whenever possible, but the Tesla leadership doesnt always make it easy.

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