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What happened to Supercharger pricing info?

Has anyone else noticed the Supercharger pricing info has disappeared from the map screen in the car (when you click on a Supercharger 'teardrop' on the map)? All it shows on mine is the Idle fees.

Is there any other way of getting that pricing info, either from a Tesla app/web page, or some other web page?
I noticed it and though it was because of the standardization of fees. In states that allow per unit fees (per kWh) it is 28 cents per kWh, otherwise you pay based on tier of charging speed at 13 cents per minute for under 60kWh and 26 cents per minute over 60kWh.


Have rates really standardized? That web page has read that way for a while. While it seems to indicate rates are standardized (as you say, .28/min for by kWh, .26 and .13 for by minute), it also says "Pricing to use a Supercharger may vary by location, and prices may change from time to time. All prices include taxes and fees."

When we went up the US east coast in July, prices varied greatly, many exceeded those rates, particularly in large metro areas. I'd be really surprised if all those locations dropped in price.

Can anyone who has supercharged lately confirm prices still vary? I supercharged today in Rocky Mt, NC, but the price did not show in real time as I charged, which it used to. In fact, the bill still has not shown up in my Tesla account, or on my credit card.

Just took a trip this weekend, taking us to chargers in MD, PA, and NY. All the chargers had prices listed; some were $0.26/kWh, some $0.29/kWh, some by the minute (PA). All were charged to my Tesla account by the time I looked at the end of the weekend.
All were charged to my Tesla account by the time I looked at the end of the weekend.
Even faster than that! As we were at our final Supercharger stop on the way home from a recent trip, my wife was looking at our History page on my Tesla account to log all the charges thus far into our budget book. I unplugged from the charger, and within seconds that charge showed up on the website. No time wasted there!
Does this have to do with V10 release?

I'm not on V10 yet, so these issues are not specific to it.

So now I'm really confused. The pricing info seems to have disappeared for some (including me), and not for others.

Was my not being billed for my supercharging session Sunday a fluke? I find it really unlikely we suddenly have free supercharging on our Apr 2019 SR+...
If your Model 3 is new you may have the 1000 free referral miles or 2 year free supercharging. I have about 900 miles left of free supercharging and see nothing about pricing when I look for chargers.

But if you've got referral miles, they should show up in the loot box, right? Nothing has ever shown up in ours, though we should have had two 1000 mile referral credits...