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What is the perfect Model 3?

Hypothetical, or actual?

Extended battery pack (aka LR), RWD, White exterior, Red interior (pref real leather), the wood dash trim, top audio system, small transparent HUD, full matrix headlamps with side-mirror blindspot indicators

Actual: white/white or gray/black performance will do, no other options needed
Mine. Because it's mine.

I doubt you'll get consensus simply because different people have different needs and priorities.

Our LR RWD with all the software (that is, up to and including FSD) is perfect for us. We encounter snow rarely, and money isn't infinite, so for us AWD wasn't the right choice. But it absolutely is right for lots of folks. Meanwhile other people have tighter budgets than ours, and so their perfect car will have less software or a shorter-range battery.
Mine, as well. Although mine is LR AWD. I think what works for each individual will be different since we'll all different and our needs and wants are different.

I was not 100% sure how I would feel about the pearl white, and that was when it was an additional charge--red was my other color choice tho so same/similar--and have to say having lived with it for over a year now it's been perfect and I love it. I could mention having doubts about adjusting to the center screen, etc. but every thing has worked out for me and I couldn't be happier with it.
Another vote for the M3P- which is what I have. Gives you the same acceleration and top end speed of the full blown Performance model, but you can pick/add the options that you want. For me, that was to go with Tesla’s 19” sport wheels (While I like the 20’s, I didn’t want the slightly firmer ride, faster wear rate, and slight hit on efficiency inherent with the larger wheels). Then, I added the other things that I do like about the full blown Performance model (like carbon fiber rear spoiler, aluminum sport pedals, red painted brake calipers, etc...). For me, M3P- is the best of both/all worlds. Get one if they are still available!!
Objectively it’s the LR Rear Wheel Drive one if I was practical. But since I am not, the P3D+ is since it has track mode and it’s in my driveway.

As for color: Red seems to suit the car the best, although Pearl White is a close second.

So... a Red LR Rear Wheel Drive for the practical person.
There isn't one. Because different people have different needs and desires (and budgets, if this isn't an "if money were no object" type question.)

For me, it'd probably be a P3D- (better economy and less harsh ride but still most of the performance,) with FSD - I change my mind about colors regularly so I won't suggest interior or exterior choices there.
Things I would like to see added to a higher spec car...

Homelink included by default (PITA to have installed after the fact)
A heads up display
Heated steering wheel
More sound proofing to reduce road noise (it can be quite loud on sh*tty roads)
SiriusXM built in
CarPlay/Android Auto integration or an App Store for their UI
i want an arduino enabled neopixel ceiling.

It would also be dandy to be able to unplug the car without opening the door. Ever since i stopped using teslafi it crapped out on me, and bring EAP and following the rules hasn’t gotten me updates any sooner so meh, still waiting for 10
The person who got the “best deal” was probably the one who got a 3P-, full federal tax credit, 5000 off and FUSC.

You had to be lucky to time delivery around the time Elon killed 3P- and included the 3+ package for “free” on all P vehicles.