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What other competitor vehicles (gas/hybrid/ev) would you consider buying after owning a Y?


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Mar 4, 2019
In a galaxy far, far away
I’ll miss the ventilated seats in the Texas summer.

Second the ventilated seats, that was probably the worst part of our recent 2500 mile road trip. Would have rather had cloth seats tbh. After a 1/2 day in 90 degree weather the seats get a bit miserable. I was thinking the whole time about buying one of those cabby wooden roller things from the 90s.
I which Tesla offered cloth seats like on the earlier versions of the Model S.
I don't like the felling of the leather or imitation leather. Hot feeling in summer and cold in winter.

I put some neoprene seat covers from Wet Okole which are very smooth on the touch and comfortable .
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May 12, 2021
Having owned 3 different Gen 4 Prii (Priusesseses, 2017, 2 2018) I have to say (gulp) that they're bullet proof, easy to achieve 58-60mpg all day long. HATE the squishy ride, but overall, they're very balanced. I tried but could never own any previous gen Prius, but Toyota got it right with this generation...(just in time for them to become obsolete???)

You can buy TWO well appointed used Gen 4 Prius for the price of ONE MY!
+1 on the Prius haha. As a fellow Prius owner, I also find the seat hard and uncomfortable, cabin loud. 1990s era economy car levels of acceleration. You can floor it and the engine only revs to 4k rpm. Like a Tesla, sig drop in efficiency in cold weather and snow tires - much more than a gas-only ICE vehicle.

But! The cargo room is massive and extremely useful. Fits more than a shortbed pickup on Ikea runs. And cheap, cheap, cheap maintenance, fuel, and insurance. Overall a great weird overachiever of a car.

Living in the northeast though, going from Prius to Model Y actually means an increase in operating costs, because of cheap gas and expensive electricity.


Nov 16, 2020
I have a Cyber Truck reservation but also agree that the Ford Lightning has some great amenities.

I test drove the Audi E-tron for a day after having MYP for a couple months and was also really impressed with the ride quality. Sure it's not Tesla neck snapping torque/speed but man as I get older that air suspension is calling me back and the massage seat function on the Prestige trim. Only thing that kept me from owning the E-tron was range and charging network.

I'm waiting to test drive the Taycan Cross Tursimo but again the range and charging network is still an issue for me. I wouldn't want to charge a Audi/Porsche at a Walmart for 30min or longer.


Mar 9, 2021
Honestly.. nothing right now. I'm guessing I'll keep my Y for at least 3 years before jumping into something else. That said Im keeping my eyes open as the competition is better than ever and new vehicles are getting announced at a tremendous rate. The F150 Lightning came out of nowhere.. and IMO it betters the Cybertruck in about every way possible.


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Mar 31, 2021
North Wales PA
I owned 9 Subarus prior to my current Y
IF Toyota can catch up or surpass with solid state battery tech I’d look into the SolTerra (Toyota collating with Subie on Ev’s)
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Apr 27, 2021
I own my Mazda CX-5 and plan on running that bad boy into the ground. 50K miles on it and not one problem. Have a MY 2021 LR now and love it. The Mazda is my second vehicle and its all paid off and easy to maintain so its the perfect companion to my Y. We had an A4 before this, and while it was an awesome car it was plagued with problems and expensive maintenance. I still love Audis and miss the ventilated seats on it. Also the Y, its so damn fun to drive. The last time I got so happy was with my Saab Aero back in the day!


Aug 6, 2020
I currently own a Model Y LR and will very likely not buy a tesla for my next car, cancel my cybertruck orders and buy another EV.

Definitely consider the F-150 lightning and the lucid air (I do not like the look of the Rivian). I will keep the Model Y for a year or two and see how the competition unfolds but I think I am done dealing with tesla.


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Apr 10, 2014
Belleville IL
None, love our 2020 LR AWD Y, but I'm considering placing a deposit for a CyberTruck, but I have read they have close to 750K reservations so it could be years before I'd get one and I'll be 69 in Nov.


Aug 9, 2019
Los Angeles
I've owned quite a few EV's and some PHEV's in the past 9 years, IMO, the "best EV" I've had so far was my Model 3, and I expect the Model Y (when I finally take delivery of it) to be just as good. Otherwise, the only other EV that I would go with right now is a Taycan 4S. My buddy at the gym got one awhile back, and after I took it out for a spin it's really a nice & refined car, and in some ways better than a Tesla. Only major downside is the extra $100k needed on top of what I'm paying for my Model Y to get one.

We were seriously considering a Wrangler 4xe, since my wife has grown to really like the Wrangler after we rented a 2020 Sahara for a week (vacation). However the major downside for us is that the 4xe isn't eligible for a HOV decal in CA. Otherwise, I'm very interested to see what Jeep comes out with when they finally release their full EV Wrangler in a Rubicon trim.

Beyond that, like everyone else out there I have a Cybertruck reservation, but lately I'm kind of digging the F-150 Lightning a bit more these days. If I ever get another EV, I want it to have a big presence on the road with a "f u" attitude 😁


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Oct 28, 2020
Fort Worth
... Otherwise, the only other EV that I would go with right now is a Taycan 4S. My buddy at the gym got one awhile back, and after I took it out for a spin it's really a nice & refined car, and in some ways better than a Tesla. Only major downside is the extra $100k needed on top of what I'm paying for my Model Y to get one.
HAHAHA! I'd be buying 3 Model Ys, for wife, son, daughter.!!!!!!


Feb 23, 2021
Texas, USA
We currently have a 2021 Bolt in addition to the MYP. I paid $23k for it brand new, sticker was almost $40k. It's a fantastic car AT $23K. I would not pay $40K for it.
For commuting purposes, I cannot see myself buying an ICE of any kind any more. I just love how EVs drive in traffic.

As for the next car. I need/want something larger. I am looking at a Model X or the Rivian R1S. But the Supercharger network really is a huge huge plus for Teslas.
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