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Vendor What Paint Protection Film Should Not Look Like

Below are pictures of what paint protection film should not look like. Two videos at the end represent what film should look like.

Here at Auto Paint Guard, we take pride in our work and strive to be the best, not only in Florida, but in the nation. We are continually testing new films and methods of installation to further separate ourselves from the competition. After 16 years of film installation and thousands of vehicles under our belt, we want to take the time to educate customers on what a proper install looks like.

When it comes down to it, most films do a great job stopping damage, but be wary of novice installers who can cause damage to your paint with razor marks.Taking a training course for three days and becoming a “certified installer”, does not make them a master with a skilled hand from many years of experience and having completed thousands of cars. That being said, even years of being in the business does not guarantee a great installer. If you chose a business with an installer who says they can install tint, paint protection film, your wheels and an alarm, are they really a master in paint protection or just sales? Our installers work side by side with a Master Installer for two years before they are able to work on their own cars. They also work on multiple cars each day, not a few cars a month.

Ask lots of questions, such as:

How long have you been installing PPF?

How many cars do you work on weekly?

What guarantee do you offer on your quality?

What is the film warranty?

Can I stop by and see a car that you recently completed?

In a completed film installation, you should inspect the job and look for the following:

In most cases, 99% of the time, paint protection film should not have stretch marks, grab-marks, lift-lines, misalignments, dirt, dust, air bubbles, missing coverage in high impact areas, and should never have razor marks. Even though it is a film we are installing over your paint, it should be nearly invisible.

Below are a few images of improper installation by other installers. These customers brought their vehicles to us to correct the problem areas. Nothing is 100% perfect but we can get pretty close. If you are outside the Tampa and surrounding areas, we will be happy to recommend a reputable installer.

In this picture the previous installer did not take the time to line up the film with the edge correctly. They also did not wrap the edges of the kit which leaves an ugly seam all the way around the hood.

This is what a stretch mark looks like. These are avoidable when the film is properly installed. You will not find stretch marks in our work.

A Tesla mirror with a stretch mark.

All these specks are either dirt underneath the film or blemishes in the film from a previous installer. We are very picky and will not let things like this go. This is where plotting all of our own kits in house has a huge advantage; we are able to plot as many pieces as we need in the case there is a film blemish. This allows us to get the install almost completely perfect at no additional cost to the customer.

A Tesla bumper that isn't aligned correctly.

If you ever have any questions about our work or about the installation process, please feel free to ask us! We want our customers to be well informed and comfortable with our work. We strive for perfection and to deliver an experience beyond your expectations.



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Below is what a very bad install looks like. A customer brought this to us from another installer and wanted us to remove it and replace it. The marks in the film are lift lines and stretch marks. If installed correctly by an installer with years of experience these marks will not be there.

Here is another area with issues on the same car.

Below are videos of the final product after we removed and replaced the film. These are the same areas there were issues before from the previous installer. This is what a proper install should look like. I believe the difference is clear!

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Yes, thank you. Whom would you recommend to do a chrome delete, full-body PPF wrap, and window tint in Miami?

Strongly recommend wrapmytesla.com. They are in Fort Lauderdale. He has likely done hundreds if not thousands of Teslas and owns a Tesla himself.

If you want to go further North in Boca I would recommend The Film Authority.

You can't go wrong with either choice.